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The ones that never made it to the blog….

Yes, there were items that had a quick and often blurry photo taken, but were never photographed properly and consequently were never blogged.  I am going to include them all in this post, blurry/awkward photos and all, just in order to have a record of them.  But there won’t be many details, I’m afraid!


First up, the Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit. This was completed just before we went to Thailand, and it did get a bit of wear when we were there. The fabric is from Rathdowne Fabrics. I think that I made a size 14, but straightened it out to remove the waist shaping. Oh, it was so long ago, I really am having trouble remembering! I do remember that this pattern uses a lot of fabric, with lining underneath and the ruched overlays. It was also quite a slow sew. When it got wet it felt like there was a LOT of web fabric on me. I like the bottom coverage, but actually think that I sewed it one size too large. Mind you by the end of the holiday and the associated food/cocktail consumption, the size was probably fine.


I’d quite like to give the other version in the pattern a try, or else try this one without the ruching. But it’s not as though I don’t have plenty of bathers now – and I don’t really swim all that often. No need for more (for me) until the next overseas holiday…ah well, a girl can dream.

Katniss cross-body cowl

I crocheted the Katniss Cross-Body Cowl, in Patons Inca yarn. I gave this one to my cousin, who lives on the edge of Melbourne where it is that bit colder than it is here. I reckon that this garment was a fail for me and for her (not the fault of the pattern). You’d really have to know what outfit it goes with – probably something similar to that worn by its namesake in the movies.

Katniss cross-body cowl

However, it was fun to crochet, and the texture is rather wonderful. Chalk that one down more to the process than the product.

Nessie Top for Clare

A Nessie top for Clare, in fabric left over from her Perri Pullover. She wears the Perri top a lot, and this one never. Hmmm.

Nessie Top for Clare

This pattern has been used for a top and a dress for Stella and both of those get wear, so it might move into Stella’s wardrobe sooner rather than later. The deer printed fabric is from Spotlight, and it’s a sweatshirt type of fabric that is brushed on the inside and smooth on the outside, so it’s quite thick. Probably a little too thick for this more fitted style.  The contrasting yoke fabric was in stash, and was used out of fabric restriction necessity.

Nessie Top for Clare

I added the strip of navy piping both to be a feature and to distract from the slight mis-match of cream between the yoke and the print.

McCalls 6841 in stripe knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Here we have McCalls 6841. I’ve sewn this pattern twice before, and making it in the stripes was a bit of an experiment. The fabric was from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 table, and was a poly/lycra knit but one with a very soft, smooth and cool hand, along with excellent drape.

McCalls 6841 in stripe knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics

There is actually quite a lot to like about this pattern. The neckline and shoulder gathers are terrific, and would you believe there are only two main pattern pieces? It’s actually rather straightforward to make, but looks quite complicated. But I never wore it. It went in the Christmas free-for-all – my not-yet-30 niece has claimed it.

teacher gifts - Thai cotton double gauze scarf

And last but definitely not least we have the double cotton gauze scarves that I made as teacher gifts this year. A long length of fabric with the ends sewn together into a circle and the edges hemmed. Done.

teacher gifts - Thai cotton double gauze scarf

A huge shout out to Gaye of Notionally Better who I bought the fabric from – it is the loveliest Thai cotton double faced gauze, different on each side, and incredibly soft. You can get some from her Etsy shop here. I have more that will become garments.

Thai cotton double gauze for scarves

Phew, what a long blog post! But guess what – that’s not quite everything from 2014. But I’m nearly there, so surely I’ll be closer to caught up by the end of January!


6 thoughts on “The ones that never made it to the blog….

  1. I love the mccalls 6841, the shape is just brilliant. Interesting about the bombshell swimsuit, I’ve had it in my to sew pile for ages and the amount of fabric keeps on putting me off.

  2. Your productivity and output continues to amaze me – I can’t believe there are still things from last year you still haven’t blogged after all your posts in the last few weeks! I was interested to read that you give away some of the things you’ve made – I was wondering just how big your wardrobe is!

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