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Sutton for Mum

Have you met my Mum?  She does pop up on the blog every now and then – usually shortly after Christmas!  It seems that sometimes the first garment that I sew for the year is for her, when I am visiting.  Last year I made her a couple of Crafty Mamas Cherish dresses, that somehow were never photographed or blogged.  So there was no way that I was going to let her get away without some photos this time.  May I present Alison in her new Sutton blouse!

True Bias Sutton Blouse in vintage fabrics for my Mum

Okay, the phone photos aren’t quite as clear as I’d like, but you can still tell that Mum looks great, can’t you! I really, really like this pattern. We chose some fabric from deep stash to make the blouse. The print is a vintage John Kaldor, and the black I have no idea about. I’ve used it before in some Style Arc Lola pants, and think that it is a very fine wool jacquard. It washes and presses beautifully and is lovely to wear. I decided on the size 14 for Mum, knowing that the pattern has plenty of ease. As it turns out it is just a smidgen closer fitting than we’d like, but still very wearable. I didn’t make any alterations.

True Bias Sutton Blouse in vintage fabrics for my Mum

I outlined all the things that I like about this pattern the last time that I made it. The hemline that is higher at the front than the back, the yoke with centre back pleat, the gentle curved edges of the V-neckline. The instructions are clearly written too. No dislikes.

True Bias Sutton Blouse in vintage fabrics for my Mum

Since I was away from home sewing on my Mum’s machine, there is no overlocking at all in this top. I did everything that the pattern told me to in terms of edge finishing and seaming. Are you aghast and surprised?

True Bias Sutton Blouse in vintage fabrics for my Mum

So I think this is a great look on Mum. I still want to make this pattern for me (and might sneak another one in for Mum eventually one day if she is lucky).  Thanks for modelling Mum – that is the price of having me sew for you!


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