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Eucalypt tank dress

Yes, I’m still blogging things I made in 2014.  I really feel an inner push to get these all over and done with, so that I can move into a fresh new year.  It’s weird how the mind works sometimes, I think!

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank dress in chambray

This is the Megan Nielsen Eucalypt woven tank dress. I was able to pick Anna‘s brain in regards to sizing and alterations, as she has used this pattern a few times, and cut a Medium with a small FBA and a high rounded shoulder adjustment.  I think I should have done a slightly larger FBA.  It is snug across the boobs.

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank dress in chambray

Looking at this photo of the back, I could also have done with shortening the back waist length. I don’t have a sway back – actually I have a relatively flat bottom – but my back waist length is shorter than my front. Beth of SunnyGal Studio has an excellent post on back waist length here. I suspect that many sewers (not all of course!) who talk about their “sway back” are actually people with a “short back waist”.  Considering that I had already altered the pattern in other ways it is a pity I didn’t think about the back waist while I was at it (especially because I do petite many of my patterns before cutting).  Clearly years of sewing experience don’t always mean that I think through all elements of a project before I start!

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank dress in chambray

There is a little bit of bra strap exposure and gaping at the side front of the armholes. I don’t like my straps to show. I know that plenty of people don’t care at all if their straps show, and they make a feature of it with contrasting colours etc, but I am in my mid-forties and prefer smooth beige bras and those straps are not especially visually appealing as far as I am concerned. I might add some shoulder strap keepers to ensure that they stay hidden.  The front armhole gaping reflects both the need for a slightly larger FBA and the front armhole being too large, but that is difficult to rectify without a bust dart.  Garments without darts are the hardest to fit smoothly, which is pretty obvious if you really think about it I suppose.  The fit across the upper back and back armholes is pretty good for a simple tank.

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank dress in chambray

Something I did think of early in the project was making contrast bias binding to finish the edges. I also decided to make the centre front seam a feature and topstitch down each side with topstitching thread. Such a simple touch, but one that I am very pleased with.

detail of binding and topstitching on Eucalypt dress

The chambray was beautiful to work with, and I love the curved hemline. So all in all this dress is one that I like and will wear.  It will be a great item for those super hot days we can get in Melbourne, but the pattern probably won’t get another outing from me. I quite like it, but there are others I like more on me. Simple patterns like this have nowhere to hide in terms of the need for fit alterations!

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank dress in chambray


5 thoughts on “Eucalypt tank dress

  1. Thank you so much for your review – of this dress and of ALL the patterns you review on your blog. I very seldom comment but I want you to know I appreciate the effort you go through to share your sewing experiences and expertise. I have learned a great deal from your blogs and have purchased (and not purchased!) patterns based on your recommendations. So, just consider this a general ‘thank you’ – and keep up the good work!!

  2. Another beige, black or white bra wearer here, none of which I like to display.
    I actually really like this on you, it has a Japanese pattern feel, but better cut.

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