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another Celestial

Today was a delightful day.  Clare and I had such a great time celebrating her birthday.  We bought her school uniform for high school, had lunch in the city, and went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.  I don’t have enough superlatives for the exhibition.  The level of detail in the garments was mind-blowing.  And I still have no idea how he comes up with the garments he designs and makes!  Incredible – I recommend it highly.  Be warned if you are planning on taking kids – some garments are definitely not PG rated so you might want to steer your kids away from those ones – in room five in particular.  I really hope that I can schedule a return visit so that I can examine the garments again.  Amazing.  We finished off the day with pizza at home and a movie, Soul Surfer, which I highly recommend as well.  Anyway, back to the garments that I can produce!  No couture here, I’m afraid, but clothing that works well with my casual suburban lifestyle.  Today I wore my second Pattern Fantastique Celestial dress.

Pattern Fantastique Celstial dress in vintage John Kaldor fabric

This was sewn at Sewjourn in December. The fabric is vintage John Kaldor that I had in stash. It has wonderful drape and was really easy to sew.

Pattern Fantastique Celstial dress in vintage John Kaldor fabric

It’s also very easy and cool to wear. However, in this drapier fabric the sleeves wouldn’t stay turned up. I’m either going to have to tack them down in a few places to keep them turned as in these photos, or else just wear them unfolded. Unfolded actually works quite well in this softer fabric.

Pattern Fantastique Celstial dress in vintage John Kaldor fabric

I sewed the size 12, the same as last time, and shortened the pattern maxi length by around 10cm or so. I just had enough fabric to squeeze out the dress. I included the pockets again too. Construction details are exactly the same as last time. I haven’t finished with this pattern either. I’d like to try the sleeveless version, and to try it in the above knee tunic length. Have I mentioned that it is very straightforward to make? Love it. It swished beautifully around my ankles today – I feel great wearing this dress.

Pattern Fantastique Celstial dress in vintage John Kaldor fabric


18 thoughts on “another Celestial

  1. This is so striking!
    When does the exhibition close? I’d love to see it but I think work commitments will prevent me.
    You would love Future Beauty in Brisbane at GOMA, it was amazing.
    We have been doing high school preparation too… so grown up. My Zoe is so slight, uniforms don’t cone in her size. I was tempted to make them (they have fabric but no pattern, so I’d have to draft it) then I decided to give myself less stress this January & pay a person to make them for me. I know… but I feel better because she’s earning an income (she’s had patterns drafted professionally for them) and I need a rest.

    1. Hi Lizzy,
      The exhibition finishes on the 8th Feb – you have a month left to get there!
      Luckily the uniforms come in teeny sizes as well, and we were able to get ones to fit Clare. I still need to alter sleeve length and skirt length, and they are still fairly roomy, but otherwise all was fine and there is room for a growth spurt without them being huge. I am sure that getting a dressmaker to make them for Zoe will work well.

      1. I had a whinge to my mum & she laughed, saying she has always made my uniforms for the same reason – except I was also much shorter than my daughter as well! Zoe’s uniform skirt has two front & back pleats, a side pocket & zip so the alterations were massive, would have thrown out the pleats as we needed to lose about 3 inches from the sides!
        I’d love to see that exhibition but I’m in a ‘secondment’ management role until 20 Feb… life gets busy doesn’t it!

  2. Ahh, I love this! I loved your first one as well. This pattern seems perfect for hot summer days and works so well with bold prints. I’m making a mental note to sew some for myself once summer arrives here. Beautiful job!

  3. Oh for the 60’s and 70’s when my sister and I used to buy those wonderful John Kaldor fabrics from the Silk and Textile factory shop in Hobart. Buy in the morning and wear out that night. I have a top made from a remnant found in my stash a few years ago and worn sparingly. we remember that we only used to pay about $1 per metre.

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