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Simplicity 1625 top

Last night I spent three and a half hours sewing a McCalls dress for Clare.  Half way through I discovered that it would need to be lined, as it was so sheer.  Then when I tried it on her the armholes were ridiculously low.  I will need to remove and recut the neckband, take the dress in at the armholes, and lift the entire dress to make the armholes smaller when I reattach the neckband.  If she didn’t like the dress so much I would have tossed it into the bin.  I was really wishing that instead of trying a new pattern, I had just used an Oliver + S pattern or else re-used Simplicity 1625.  Remember the dress I made Clare from Simplicity 1625? Each time it is washed she puts it back on again.  Apparently it is casual, but not too casual.  Somewhere between Christmas and New Year I gave the pattern another go and made a simple top.

Simplicity 1625 sleeveless view C in cotton jersey from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Due to fabric restrictions, I made a sleeveless version of view C. It’s a simple top with a flared shape, but a terrific back feature.

Simplicity 1625 sleeveless view C in cotton jersey from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Actually, when Clare hasn’t been wearing the 1625 dress, she’s been wearing this top! I used size 8, and cut strips of fabric to use like bias binding to finish the neckline and armholes. They were simply sewn to the right side of the fabric, then turned to the inside and stitched in place. The fabric is a cotton jersey remnant from Darn Cheap Fabrics. It’s rather fun!  There are lots of weird pictures in that print.

I sewed size 8, and it’s a nice fit for her. Clare turns twelve tomorrow, and I can scarcely believe it. What a phenomenal twelve years. I am truly blessed that she is my daughter. We have a lovely mother/daughter day planned that will include buying her high school uniform then going to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition and having lunch out in the city. We are both SO looking forward to it! My husband and Stella are going to spend a day together too, but they’ll be going to the local pool. For some reason they declined a day at the gallery!

Simplicity 1625 sleeveless view C in cotton jersey from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Looks like I’ll be doing a whole lot of unpicking (actually, I might get the scissors out and just CUT off the neck band) and resewing this evening to fix the other dress. And to add insult to injury, at morning tea today I found myself unpulling my latest crochet project from row 13 back to row 5 because I discovered an earlier error. My crafting doesn’t always run smoothly!


10 thoughts on “Simplicity 1625 top

  1. very cute! Have a lovely day. Just be aware there are a few pieces at JPG that are very adult…. Especially in about room 4 and 5….. Especially the tiger themed outfit which is in room 5 from memory!

      1. Check out my Insta page Lara – there are a lot of merkens, bondage themes, etc. There is a room full of BDSM costumes and gimp masks. It is a pretty adult-themed exhibition. X

  2. That is one amazing print and it works so well for the top. I love that back detail, too – it’s gorgeous!

    I hear you on the frustration of un-doing things, too; I recently had to un-do many, many rows of knitting because I’d mis-read an instruction early on. It was painful.

  3. So frustrating when things don’t work, I have a couple of t shirt tops I messed up making and threw into the sewing basket in disgust, still not sure if I can rescue them or not!
    Love the funky black & white print!
    Friends took their 11 year old daughter to the exhibition & enjoyed it, I would love to go but really don’t think I can convince my 11 & 14 year old BOYS to go. I did suggest since the teenager is doing textiles as an elective this year (which he did last year too – so something must have rubbed off on him!!!) that it would score him some brownie points with the textiles teacher at school maybe…

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