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Vogue 8968

Okay, let’s find another 2014 garment that still needs to be blogged.  May I present Vogue 8968!

Vogue 8968 in vintage fabrics

Vogue describe this pattern as follows: Loose-fitting, pullover dress has hem band (cut on crosswise grain) and cap sleeves. A: narrow hem on sleeves. B: sleeve bands.
FABRICS: Faille, Linen and Challis.

I made view B, but with the neckline notch of view A.  I sewed up size Medium, after taking out my usual fold through the body to petite it (i.e. to make it fit a short-waisted 158cm tall person better).  The fabrics are vintage.  The print came to me via A Piece Of Cloth, and the solid black crepe was from June’s stash.  The print is a crepe, but quite lightweight and almost semi-sheer.  It was also quite narrow, as is often the case with vintage fabrics, and I only had just enough for the dress.

Vogue 8968 in vintage fabrics

Considering that I actively try to avoid black, I still seem to have plenty of black garments in my wardrobe and in my fabric stash! But I figure that most colours can be worn as long as you have a bright lipstick on or appropriately coloured accessories near your face. I love the colours in this print – the green is absolutely my shade of green, and I always like some brown and yellow!

Vogue 8968 in vintage fabrics

This is a straightforward dress to sew, especially if like me you topstitch to secure the armbands and skirt facing rather than stitch them in place by hand. The black band on the skirt is double, and in the fabric that I had available it is rather heavy. It would have been better in something lighter, but this is what I had. It gives it plenty of swish and sway.

Vogue 8968 in vintage fabrics

I used a facing for the neckline, to accommodate the centre front slit, but if I’d made the round neck I would have ditched the facing in favour of using bias binding to finish the neckline.  The pointed side hemline really appeals to me, and due to the lack of closures or fastenings this dress really is a throw-it-on-and-go garment. I’ll be using this pattern again!

Vogue 8968 in vintage fabrics


9 thoughts on “Vogue 8968

  1. Lovely Lara. Love the vintage print. I would like to make it but would have it as a tunic over leggings or Barb pants. My legs as had the rest of me suffered the ravages of pregnancy and childbirth. And standing for hours in a cardiac operating room.
    Always inspired.
    Thank you

  2. I bought that pattern a while ago – I’ve been looking forward to your review 🙂

    I’m planning on making it as a summer top in either woven or knit fabric (it would be perfect in this weather), then the longer version for cooler weather in a knit, to add to my Mesop/Metalicus/Vigorella-inspired weekend wardrobe. I’m imagining the sleeveless version layered over a fine stretchy top and some bright tights.

    Thanks for the review!

  3. Love it Lara, gorgeous, I love these tops and I usually wear leggings even in Summer just wear the 3/4 length, you guessed don’t like my legs…need to get over myself but will definitely be buying the pattern, thanks once again for the show and tell, love Clares top too, she’s a cutie.
    Lyn, Brisbane

  4. Hey there, just saw your post after googling this pattern… your version here is absolutely gorgeous! I’m just wondering if you had any issues like a lot of others seem to have had with the hem band. Did you have any difficulty getting it to match up without too much stretching?

    1. Hi there Kaz – I don’t remember having much problem with the hem band. It is certainly worth stabilising the edge with stay stitching or tape before you join it to the bodice, but otherwise I just used my usual method of joining edge – pinning at both ends, then at the centres, then the centre of the pins etc, and sewed it all up! You’ve reminded me to make this dress again.

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