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Something is going on over on Instagram among those who sew.  It seems that #pineapplesaresohotrightnow.  And yes, there’s a bandwagon, so I jumped onto it.

Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee in cotton jersey from Darn Cheap Fabrics

This is the Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee, this time sewn in a cotton jersey. There is not a great deal of stretch in this jersey, so it plays nicely with the volume in the top.  I sewed a straight size Medium.

Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee in cotton jersey from Darn Cheap Fabrics

The fabric is from Darn Cheap FabricsEmma made a tee in it a little while ago. Anna has been giving this pattern a workout recently, making first a beautiful Liberty tee then using the same pattern to make a dress in woven linen (by the way, I want to steal everything that Anna has been sewing lately – such gorgeous fabrics and details, and superb fit and style). And surprise surprise, I have a knit dress version cut out and a woven linen version as well. Just need to get sewing!

Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee in cotton jersey from Darn Cheap Fabrics

The raglan sleeves make this sew up super quickly. I had to put an additional seam down the centre of the sleeves and piece them due to fabric restrictions, but that doesn’t appear to have affected the fit at all. Construction was on the overlocker, with the deep hems and the neckband topstitching done with the twin needle on the sewing machine. But I did make a BIG mistake when attaching the neckband – I put the neckband seam beautifully in the centre of the FRONT of the top, rather than the back. Well duh. Luckily I don’t think that you can really tell, thanks to the busyness of the black pineapple print. But go on, get out that magnifying glass!

Pattern Fantastique Aeolian tee in cotton jersey from Darn Cheap Fabrics

This was a 2014 sew, although it was first worn in 2015. While I was at Darn Cheap Fabrics buying this print, I bought a whole lot more black on colour cotton jersey prints to make t-shirts for my husband. So far I have made him three, and have another two cut out! It is a fantastic quality fabric, and a simple crew neck tee can be sewn in around an hour (or less).


17 thoughts on “#pineapplesaresohotrightnow

  1. You want everything Anna makes, but I want everything you make! And Anna! And everyone! I’m so happy for the inspiration right now.

    This tee is perfect. And I blew up the photos on my iPhone and I can’t see that seam in the neck band. That takes TALENT!

    I’m in Melbourne soon and need to investigate the knits at Darn Cheap for myself! Perhaps I’ll see you there 😉

  2. I like the shape of this top although it is so hot here I couldn’t think of wearing sleeves. I bought some of that printed cotton jersey (now washed) when I was in Melbourne to make t-shirts for my son. I wanted to buy more but I was afraid of the luggage limits as they checked getting on board in Brisbane.

  3. A great fun top for summer. I was thinking about getting this pattern but would have to a FBA so I wonder how this would be with the raglan sleeves. Love the pineapple fabric. Yesterday was -30C here in alberta yesterday.

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