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don’t say I never sew anything for my husband

Because while we were away at Sewjourn, I sewed him these:

Kwik Sew 3298 briefs

They are a “wearable” muslin of Kwik Sew 3298 briefs, view B. They were made from cotton/lycra scraps that were lying on the floor, combined with fluorescent yellow elastic that I was in my stash. They were actually rather fun to make, and quite quick. Most construction was on the overlocker, with the machine used just to attach the waistband elastic (poorly as you can see) and to hem the legs. I’d like to make more for him, but need to go down a size – the size I used was the pattern size already cut out, and I suspected that they would be too big. But it was worth making them just to watch the girls laugh hysterically when I showed them what I’d made for Daddy while I’d been away.  And to watch them laugh even more when they persuaded him to try them on.

He refused to model them for the blog, so the Kwik Sew pattern envelope guy will have to do.


7 thoughts on “don’t say I never sew anything for my husband

  1. Oh my God – these are hysterical! Can’t imagine why he refused to prance about half naked in front of the camera for the amusement of us ladies in Blogland! The pattern looks great though – maybe a more conservative choice of fabric than for the muslin?

  2. Hilarious. Reminds me of the Christmas I decided I had to buy my dad some fluoro jocks (I would have been maybe 11) – to his credit he wore those neon spattered treasures until there were holes in them. I have so many little knit scraps. I should give undie making a go…..

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