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not everything works out for me

I recently made the Tessuti Alice dress.  It’s a lovely dress, and I’ve seen some beautiful finished samples of both the top and the dress online.  If only I’d taken the advice of those who’d made it before me, and sized down.

Tessuti Alice dress in Darn Cheap Fabrics linen - way too big

This is the size Medium, which corresponds to my measurements and is usually the right size for me in Tessuti’s patterns. You get a better idea of just how big it is on me when you can see the armhole.

Tessuti Alice dress in Darn Cheap Fabrics linen - way too big

Yep, massive. Which is a shame, because both the linen (from Darn Cheap Fabrics – and NOT from the $2 table but bought at full price) and the really special yoke fabric are both just lovely. Other than the sizing, I really like the style.

Tessuti Alice dress in Darn Cheap Fabrics linen - way too big

I did take a really deep hem, as I think it gives a dress like this a little more weight and substance and helps the skirt to hang nicely. This dress will be given away (Mum, do you fancy it?) but I do have another one cut out – two sizes smaller!  Incidentally, I have also made a Tessuti Ruby top in a size 12 according to my measurements, and the fit is fine!


14 thoughts on “not everything works out for me

  1. I’ve been waiting for your post on this Lara….such a shame because the fabrics are lovely. I had initially traced off the L, but sized down to an M (& have already cut) after reading Fiona at The Drapery’s review. Now reading your post makes me nervous about the M being too big too…(luckily, I also decided to make one up in a not precious fabric – it will be my weekend project)

    And really good to hear about the Ruby sizing too – Ihaven’t traced it yet, but it’s up after the Alice 😉

  2. maybe you can salvage the fabric for another project if your mum doesn’t like it. I had the same problem with the Tessuti Lisa dress and wasted good fabric, it was huge. I made the S and could have gone down to the XXS and it still would have been too big, the armholes were so low you could see most of my bra. just a warning in case you decide to try this one too.
    yours is still the blog I go to first, I love your style, clothing and hair!

  3. What a shame the fit isn’t right for you. I love the contrasting yoke and think I need to make a similar one for myself. I’m sure you next version will be perfect!

  4. I sized down to an XS today with some cheap nippori and it’s still too big for me. I guess I’m going to try the XXS. I like the shape, but need to find the right fit.

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