November Sewjourn

Our November trip to Sewjourn is probably the one that I look forward to the most, in that the timing is perfect.  It’s at the end of year after what often feels like a long winter, yet isn’t too close to Christmas.  It allows us all to breathe out and regroup before we launch into the busy end of the year.

Sewjourn November 2014.

There were only five of us this time, which made it rather quieter than usual! And it was all about garment sewing. Tan finished two tops, one using lace she had dyed herself, and did lots of work on drafting clothing to her shape. I was really impressed at the way she took different ideas and launched into them, modifying things as she went along and translating her thoughts into shapes. Love watching the creative process! The rest of us used patterns. The top from New Look 6216 was the pattern of choice among many of us, being made in knits, wovens, lengthened into a dress, pieced from scraps, and generally played around with. I took along all of my knit scraps (there were four or five bags) and they were pounced upon and turned into a number of different garments. The leftovers were thrown out, which was rather liberating! I now have a tidier sewing room. I will get to blog posts with details on all the garments that I made at some stage, but in the meantime here is the weekend’s output (not quite everything that was made, but not far off it either).

Sewjourn November 2014.

Clockwise from top left: Kathryn’s garments (there were a couple more pairs of pants and a muslin of a top as well), Wendy’s knit extravaganza, Rachel’s beautiful woven garments for her daughter and herself, and then mine, with something for every member of the family.

The sewing room is now unpacked and reorganised – just in time to me to start thinking about my mid-December trip back to Sewjourn!  I am so lucky.  Thanks again to my sewing friends.  I know I say it every time, but you really are a wonderful group of women.


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