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Style Arc Tia knit wrap dress #2

I recently made the Style Arc Tia knit wrap dress in a stripe.  Now I’ve made it in a print.

2014-10-19 09.47.40

The construction was pretty much identical to my last one. The fabric was a remnant from Darn Cheap Fabrics, and appears to be a viscose/spandex blend. This means that it has a bit more give and drape than my striped version. Fabric limitations meant that the front crossover panel for the skirt is on the opposite side to the pattern illustration, so I did need to be careful when I wrapped my bodice pieces over one another to make sure that it would line up properly. And it does!

2014-10-19 09.47.47

I had absolutely no control over print placement with the amount of fabric I had available, but it’s all worked out okay. The neckline isn’t lying as flat as it did with my striped version, due to interplay between fabric and elastic. It would have worked better if I’d stretched the elastic a little during application. The viscose/spandex stretches out very easily and doesn’t have the sort of recovery that cotton/spandex has.

2014-10-19 09.47.35

Overall this dress fits a little more loosely than the last make. Not a great deal, but enough for it to feel different. And I love that print and colour! Spots!  Floral!  Animal print!  Lace print!  All tossed into the blender together!  I got loads of compliments on this when I wore it on the weekend. Lots of fun and perfect for the warmer weather. And for those of you who like an idea on cutting/sewing time, this one was probably one and a half hours all up. Construction on the overlocker, twin needle on the machine for hemlines (pink thread in one needle and teal in the other – why not)!

2014-10-19 09.47.52

All other details on this pattern are in my previous post.

18 thoughts on “Style Arc Tia knit wrap dress #2

  1. Fantastic that you love to use such bold colours and prints. You have an eye for a fabric that will work and from darn cheap as well. My fav. Looks great as a summer outfit. Well done.

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