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Kate & Rose Roza dress

Some months ago Anna set a chambray challenge.  She provided Leith, Rachel and myself with a few metres of beautiful quality chambray from GJs, and challenged us all to make something gorgeous from it.  I believe that Rachel finished hers ages ago, with more than one item from her length of fabric.  After spending a great deal of time to-ing and fro-ing with pattern choice, I have finished mine.

Kate & Rose Roza dress

This is the Kate & Rose Roza dress. A few things drew me to this pattern. The description is as follows:

The Roza blouse & dress was inspired by easy, flowing, and sweet peasant blouses but modernized for today’s makers.

The pattern includes three styles: View A has a cropped hemline, gathered front inset and bracelet-length sleeves. View B has a curved high-low hemline, short sleeves and flat front inset. View C is a knee-length A-line dress with flat front and short sleeves. Mix and match hemlines, sleeves and front inset styles to create your own version.

This pattern is suitable for beginners, with detailed instructions and illustrations for every step of construction. The Róza’s front panel inset is also great for embroidering on (one of our favorite things here at Kate & Rose).

Suggested fabrics: light to medium-light-weight fabrics like cotton voile, gauze or lawn, lightweight silk, rayon challis, lightweight linen.

As you know, I rather like a loose sack dress during summer – and summer is coming!  The raglan sleeves also appealed, as did the chance to use a beautiful piece of ribbon that was languishing in stash.  But I have to say that I am not thrilled with my finished dress – which is not the fault of the pattern, by the way. The pattern was well drafted and the instructions were also nice and clear. There were no issues there at all.

Kate & Rose Roza dress

I cut this out at a size Large, as per my measurements, but I really should have down sized. It’s too big, especially around the neckline. I often make garments with a smaller shoulder/armhole/neckline size than bust size, and this would have paid off here as well. It stays nicely on my shoulders, but the neck opening just looks too big, especially from the back. It’s better from the front.

Kate & Rose Roza dress

The short gathered sleeves are quite sweet, and the ribbon is lovely. The neckline is faced with a strip of bias binding, a technique that I always quite like. This is a fairly easy dress to make and I don’t have any particular construction issues or tips to report.  In fact, I did a lovely job of construction.

Kate & Rose Roza dress

I’m not quite sure what to do with my dress. I adore it on the hanger. It’s just not quite “me”. I really do need to improve my visualisations of “Lara in this dress” before I make things, rather than just visualising the dress but not necessarily with me in it! I am toying with the idea of making it a bit smaller, or just wearing it as it is, or passing it on to a friend. What to do? I will probably use the pattern again, maybe for the longer sleeved blouse with the high/low hemline, as I really do like the design! Fortunately I still have some chambray left and the challenge isn’t yet over….Vogue 8805, I’m probably looking at you!


19 thoughts on “Kate & Rose Roza dress

  1. I’m so glad you made this. I have had this pattern sitting for so long and I am now inspired to make it ! Shame it’s a bit big around the neck , maybe a nice house dress because it is very cute !

  2. I can really see it with a curved band around the neck, about a couple of centimetres wide, in a red matching the ribbon. I think it would tie it all together, and fill in the neckline at the same time 🙂 I’d probably curve the neckline a bit more too in the front – I think that would look better with a band.

    Otherwise, it looks comfy, cheerful and smart! Oh, and I think it would like some pockets 🙂

  3. My instant reaction was! I love it. I can see that you might like to go down a size but I think you can get away with it as it is. It looks as if it would be perfect for hot summer days at home or shopping, looking smart but being comfortable. It is flowy but avoids a muu-muu look by not having a gathered neckline. I love the fabric and the trim.

  4. Oh, I think it’s just lovely, and would only have a problem with the neckline (which I think looks a great shape on you) if it caused inconvenient bra-strap-exposure. Love the ribbon down the front.

  5. I’d trying pinching out a back seam (wider at the top, just a narrow pleat at the bottom). Even on the model on the pattern it looks big across the top of the back.

  6. as we are heading into our cold, grey winter, i see this dress with thick tights and boots, and maybe a cardi (though that would hide those lovely sleeves). of course that doesn’t help you now! i wonder if creating a center-back seam would allow you to remove some of the bulk and snug up the neckline a bit, though i think it looks wonderful as-is.

  7. oh pox on the fit – my tip is to see if you reach for it on a hot summers day, & then consider its layering potential before re-gifting it… you’ve done a lovely sleeve & I do like the treasured ribbon…

  8. I really love this dress! The combination of the navy and the red ribbon is gorgeous. To fix the fit I would gather the shoulders with zig zagged elastic on the inside. This would draw in the neckline and the gathers would be in keeping with the style.

  9. I like the neckline and think the pattern a great choice for the fabric, especially with the band down the front. Have you thought about some shaping in at the waist, maybe darts or side seam? I think it might balance the neckline better. Definitely try to make it work for you.

  10. I think its just lovely, but a bit big and doesn’t yell “Lara” to me sadly. I’ve never seen this pattern before either so off to have a look. Glad you get another go with that chambray too

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