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Style Arc Carly jumpsuit

While I was making “fun” items, I made a jumpsuit.  Yes, a jumpsuit.  On a plump, short forty-six year old woman.  Quite different to Debbie in her recent vintage jumpsuit pattern mashup!

Style Arc Carly Jumpsuit in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

What the heck, I say! Why not! In fact, why not make it in animal printed polyester satin from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 table?  Despite the recommended fabrics being crepe, rayon or silk?  Anne, I thought of you when I stroked that satin!

Style Arc Carly Jumpsuit in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Why not go absolutely all out! If making a “wearable muslin”, you may as well have fun with it!

Style Arc Carly Jumpsuit in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

So, for the pattern diagram and description of the Carly Jumpsuit from the Style Arc website.

This very stylish jumpsuit features a cross-over blouson bodice with tucks falling from the shoulder line, into the channelled elastic waistline. This pant has no side seams. Optional welt pockets and a false fly.

Because I was making a hopefully wearable muslin, I left out the welt pockets and the false fly. It just made it all much faster. I had issues with the waistline casing – trying to follow the instructions there was rather disastrous. The casing just wasn’t wide enough to do what was requested. It needed to be at least double the pattern piece!  In the end I folded the casing width in half around the elastic then sewed the casing into the bodice and pants seam as I joined the two together. This means that on the outside of the jumpsuit you just see the bodice/pants seam – when not covered by a belt – but on the inside there is a narrow piece of fabric containing elastic. Clear as mud? It also means that this is probably shorter through the bodice than intended, but that isn’t a problem at my height.  The lack of side seams and subsequent impact on grain makes the legs twist around a bit, which is pretty obvious because of the darker wavy lines in the print.

Style Arc Carly Jumpsuit in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

I sewed size 12, my usual Style Arc top/dress size (I often make a 10 in pants). I think the sizing runs pretty much true to the average Australian ready to wear. There’s no hiding the lower body bulges in this style – especially in this fabric. The bodice is slightly blousy, and it needs to be so that you can get the jumpsuit on and off! I find it quite easy to get into but I really do have to wriggle a little to get out of it. The neckline is pinned closed in these photos. I need to replace the pin with a proper snap! You can’t sew it shut or else you could never get it on or off. I shortened the pants quite a bit both above and below the knee, as I usually do. Otherwise there are no alterations.

Style Arc Carly Jumpsuit in fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics

When I walked out in this my husband said “NO”. The kids liked it. A quick instagram/email poll of my sewing friends was divided, but mostly positive. I think that this jumpsuit would be great in a draper fabric, such as a rayon or silk crepe de chine. I would also feel better in it a couple of kilos lighter. But either way, I’m glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and just gave this a go! Now I wonder if I will actually WEAR it?


14 thoughts on “Style Arc Carly jumpsuit

  1. Hi Lara

    I think your Carly looks great, definitely do it again in silk.
    I made a wearable muslin of the Carly and had similar troubles. The waistband casing stumped me and had me lying awake at night, so I contacted Style Arc. Apparantly there was a error in the instructions in early iterations of the pattern. You actually need to cut 2 casing pieces which are sewn together sandwiching the elastic and it sits in-between the bodice and pant. I am tall (175 cm) and have to dislocate my shoulder to get it off – I’ll need to length to the bodice next time. I also need to add more room for backside and outer thighs but the lack of a side seam has me stumped how to do this – one to take to my sewing teacher I think.
    I always appreciate seeing your creations.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Lisa – it wasn’t my imagination then! Cutting two of the waistband casing pieces would have been the solution. I can imagine that a tall person would need that extra bit of bodice length too. I am very tempted to make this again, actually.

  2. I think you look fabulous. In my book, jumpsuits are fun wear. Yours is super fun with that print. Meant for dancing I think! I also think the sillhouette is quite flattering on you. Maybe an all black version in silk or another monotone might surprise hubby – pretty sure that would just scream sophisticated style. My hubby (of very classic, traditional taste) has taken to calling my style bohemian…maybe the print threw your hubby.

  3. Wowser! You go girl, that jumpsuit looks fantastic! As with your other commentors, I think it would look sensational in a drapey silk.

    Maybe this plump 47 yo girl can have a go at one. It is one of the few styles from the 80s that I would consider revisiting. And what is it with blokes and jumpsuits? My husband hates them too, and he hated them in the 80s.

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