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Thread Theory Finlayson sweater

Sometimes – just sometimes – I sew something for other people.  Usually the other people are my daughters (although my cousin and mother occasionally get a look in) but this time I have sewn something for my husband!  It’s the Thread Theory Finlayson sweater.  I bought my copy from Stitch 56.

Thread Theory Finlayson sweater in navy and cream rib effect knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics

As soon as this pattern popped up in my blog feed I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist – how many of you realise what my last name is? If you didn’t know it before, you do now! And it looked like a straightforward sew, in a style that I knew my husband would like. The roll collar sets it apart a little, and the hem and cuff bands make it very easy to construct.

Thread Theory Finlayson sweater in navy and cream rib effect knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Thread Theory describe this pattern as follows: This sweater is a grown up version of the classic hoodie. It will be a wardrobe staple due to its cozy boxy shape and hard wearing cuffed hems but there is no worry of looking like a slob while wearing it!

Both versions contain stylish features that elevate it beyond pure utilitarianism: Variation 1 features a unique squared neckline and a stylish shawl collar. It also includes an optional neckline facing that can be used to feature contrast fabrics as a finishing touch to the garment interior. Variation 2 includes a roomy lined hood that crosses over at the front to join to the squared neckline as well as the classic kangaroo pocket to protect hands from the elements.

This pattern, as part of the Alpine Outdoors Collection, is a hard-wearing design with a classic fit. Create a hand-made wardrobe of these designs so as to always be comfortably and stylishly ready for the next adventure!

Thread Theory Finlayson sweater in navy and cream rib effect knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics

As this was really a test garment to check sizing and fit, I measured my husband and decided try the Medium without any alterations. He is very happy with the fit. I thought that the sleeves were a little too long, but he says that likes them that way. It also allows for a little bit of future shrinkage, I suppose! The fabric is a knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics.  It looks like a navy/white rib, but it’s not ribbed on the reverse but is solid navy. It does really weird things when looking at it it on the computer monitor.  My favourite part is the collar. I ran a line of topstitching where the collar attaches to the neckline to help it sit nicely, but omitted omitted it across the front. I think that I’ll go back and topstitch there as well.

Thread Theory Finlayson sweater in navy and cream rib effect knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Construction was mainly on the overlocker. It was surprisingly quick to make, and it’s been worn solidly for the past two days! I’m going to have to make him another one.  He’s put in an order!

Thread Theory Finlayson sweater in navy and cream rib effect knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics

Ah, gazing into the distance, wondering how quickly I will finish with the camera…I cannot tell you just how much he did NOT enjoy modelling for these photos!

22 thoughts on “Thread Theory Finlayson sweater

  1. This looks great — thank your husband for modeling for it! Thread Theory’s designs are things my husband and sons would really wear, and your post is reminding me that I need to bite the bullet and go ahead and order a pattern.

  2. Thread Theory have such current designs for men. I really like this and the fabric is fabulous (choosing my words because the usual woman appropriate ones maybe not so much for a man lol). Despite your husbands reluctance to be photographed the sweater looks great. You are bound to get orders for more!

  3. Your husband looks a bit of alright, truly, he does, very handsome and what a sweetie to model for you, love this sweater and I too have a gorgeous man who would love it as well.
    Thanks, Lyn

  4. Hi. Your many versions of the Finlayson are so nice that I bought the pattern. I have it all cut out and am ready to start sewing it for my husband. I have a question about the collar. The pattern drawing has the collar crossed over with the right side on top, which I think is for a woman. I note that your Dad’s version crosses the way the pattern is drawn and the ones you made for your husband cross the other way. If I follow the instructions in the pattern, will it turn out the same as the pattern picture? In other words, do I need to reverse the instructions when I fold the collar before adding it in order to arrive at a version like the ones you did for your husband?

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