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Vogue 8982 – Marcy Tilton jacket

It’s happened.  I’ve become a fan of what is apparently now called art-teacher chic.  It’s right up my alley!  And the doyennes of art-teacher chic, at least in the pattern-making world that I inhabit, appear to be the sisters Marcy and Katherine Tilton.  Marcy designs for Vogue, and Katherine formerly Vogue but now for Butterick.  This jacket is one of Marcy’s designs.  It is Vogue 8982.

Vogue 8982

Vogue describe it thus: Loose-fitting, unlined jacket or vest has front extending into back collar, front darts, back extending to lower side front, no side seams, and shaped hemline, wrong side may show. B: sleeves with slit, narrow hem and topstitching by hand. D: mock front band, stitched hems, back cut on crosswise grain.  And the line drawing:

I sewed view A, in size 12, in ponte.  I did make petite adjustments at the “shorten/lengthen here” lines on the pattern, and I’m glad that I did.  Construction was quite straightforward, and was primarily on the overlocker, although I used the sewing machine for the darts, top-stitching and blind hemming.

Vogue 8982

I am SO happy with the fit across the back. And look at those beautiful curved seams! This would look fantastic colour blocked.

Vogue 8982

After some instagram input I decided on three buttons, but had to go to the shops to find some. These blend quite nicely, without being a perfect match. The collar sits away from my neck a little, and it buttons fairly high up. I’m not completely happy with the front hemline – I used fusible tape to stabilise it but it hasn’t worked as well as I would like. I would have been better just hand-stitching in place. Anyway, this is a very comfortable jacket (you know that comfort is always a priority for me) and it matches my Laura dress perfectly! I have seen some beautiful renditions of this pattern in linen, and will put a linen version on my summer sewing list. Interestingly, the pattern is drafted differently for knits and for wovens, which was rather considerate of Vogue! The vest is rather lovely too.

Vogue 8982

These photos were all taken at the end of a long work day, so the jacket has clearly worn quite well.  This pattern is a brilliant addition to my library.



13 thoughts on “Vogue 8982 – Marcy Tilton jacket

  1. I thought you’d stopped blogging and thought to check… it appears that you have disappeared from my blog sidebar (my blog-reader!). Thank goodness for Facebook (and school pick-up), or I’d have missed most of the last few months of your sewing!

  2. Dear Lara
    Your jacket looks fab! I am making the same jacket as we speak, but I have a problem which you might be able to advise me on: On the back pattern piece there is a short row of cutting lines about ⅝” below the main cutting line and half-way down the side seam, which don’t seem to serve any purpose. Have you any idea what they[re for? I’ve gone through the pattern, but can’t seem to find any instructions for what they’re for. Can you enlighten me?
    Many thanks, Lizzie Blatt

      1. Dear Laura,
        No, they’re definitely not lengthening/shortening lines. I have worked out that the line at the top of piece 13, the interfacing, is a reinforcement line, but at the bottom of piece 13 there is a cut that goes nowhere (I’ve included a photo). And on piece 3, the back, there’s also a line floating about (highlighted in second photo) that I don’t know what it’s for.
        I do appreciate you taking the time to help out here.
        Many thanks,
        Lizzie Blatt
        /Users/steveblatt/Desktop/Photo on 2-23-15 at 11.05 AM.jpg
        /Users/steveblatt/Desktop/Photo on 2-23-15 at 2.00 PM.jpg

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