chunky crocheted handspun scarf

Handspun by Pauline

One of my friends has a clever mother-in-law who is rather addicted to spinning.  Her spinning guild took part in a “group spin” where they all shared bits of different coloured wool tops and spun them with another thin yarn to create some stunning skeins of  handspun with highly varied colours and textures.  I couldn’t resist buying a couple of Pauline’s skeins, and have finally turned them into a crocheted scarf.

Scarf crocheted from Paulines handspun

Oh, the texture! Those lovely knobbly lumps of colour! I started with a crocheted chain of 15 stitches, and worked single crochet into the front loop only. Back and forth, back and forth, until there was no yarn left. I used a 12mm hook.

crocheted scarf in Paulines handspun

Pauline’s daughter-in-law, Jane, has already knitted a scarf in the same yarn. Hers has stretched and lengthened substantially during wear, and I can already see that mine will do the same. After one day of wear it was quite a bit narrower through the middle, with the ends still being fairly wide. I’ll enjoy watching this scarf develop as it is used. And I really enjoyed wielding the crochet hook again – this only took a couple of hours to make!

Scarf crocheted from Paulines handspun


9 thoughts on “chunky crocheted handspun scarf

  1. That looks so wonderfully thick & colorful! Unfortunately, I expect you’ll have to wait until next winter to wear it much, since you’re heading into spring. I know at least 1 handspinner locally (both of our spouses are in the Rotary Club), but not well enough to get handspun yarn from her yet (she may just spin for her own use, for all I know).

      1. For those used to US crochet hook sizes, 12mm is about a P hook. (Just keep giving the metric hook sizes, though; US “letter” hook sizes can vary in diameter, depending on the manufacturer — so the metric hook sizes are more consistent.)

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