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StyleArc Simone cardigan (again)

Yes, I repeat patterns.  This is my second StyleArc Simone cardigan.  But it won’t be my last.

StyleARC Simone cardi

This is another example of what difference a change of fabric can make. The last time I made this I used a very soft, rather thin, crinkled wool jersey. This time I used a much more substantial ponte and the resulting cardigan is far more structured.

StyleARC Simone cardi

Yes, this is the same fabric that I made Stella’s Swoon cardigan from. Matchy matchy. It’s from Clear It, and I think it’s from the Alannah Hill range. It’s rather spongy, and was hell to twin needle. I decided to use a zig-zag to stabilise the neckband and secure hems instead, with much better results. The rest of the construction was on the overlocker. This is a very straightforward cardigan to sew.

StyleARC Simone cardi

The pockets are far more architectural in this fabric, and don’t really drape. I still rather like them – it’s just a different look to the one in the pattern illustration.

The sleeves are the right length for me, but I rather like them folded up a couple of times. Or in beautiful spring-like weather, pushed up quite a bit! I made this in size 12, and it’s quite generous in fit.

StyleARC Simone cardi

This is a real wardrobe workhorse garment. It’s more than a little bit bright, but that makes it more than a little bit fun!

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