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pyjamas for Clare

Clare has been asking for new winter pyjamas for ages.  I finally sewed up a couple of pairs just before we left for Thailand – and she definitely didn’t need winter pyjamas there!

pyjamas for Clare - Oliver + S Hopscotch top and Ottobre pants

I used the same patterns that I usually use for pyjamas – the Oliver + S Hopscotch for the top, and Ottobre 06/2009, no.35 for the pants. When Oliver + S digital patterns were last on sale I bought a digital copy of the Hopscotch pattern, as I keep on using it and it’s easier to reprint it each time I need to go up a size. I used size 10 for the top, and traced the Ottobre pants in their second largest size. As it turns out the pants are a little big, and Clare has to fold over the waistband to keep the crotch from hanging halfway to her knees. However she still finds them comfortable.

pyjamas for Clare - Oliver + S Hopscotch top and Ottobre pants

The floral is a cotton/lycra knit from Spotlight – I bought quite a bit at the time and you’ve seen it on the blog before but finally there is none left – and the stripe is a lovely cotton/lycra knit that was given to me and is now also all used up! I made two pair of pants and two tops, each trimmed with the other fabric. Clare can mix and match them however she likes.  Floral top with striped pants, striped top with floral pants, floral top with floral pants, striped top with striped pants.  As the mood strikes!

pyjamas for Clare - Oliver + S Hopscotch top

I’ve raved about the Hopscotch pattern before. It comes together so easily and so nicely! The v-neckline trim and front gathers are very pretty. I used a zig-zag to secure hems and for topstitching.

pyjamas for Clare - Oliver + S Hopscotch top

Not much more to report about these really – Clare should be right for winter for a couple of years now, and the last pairs have been handed down to Stella. It’s two years since I made these spotty ones!

pyjama top - Oliver + s hopscotch knit top; pyjama pants - Ottobre 6/2009 patt.35

Wow, haven’t they grown!

pyjamas for Clare - Oliver + S Hopscotch top and Ottobre pants


2 thoughts on “pyjamas for Clare

  1. So cute! Great PJ top. I still need to make some tops to go with the pants. Great idea…like I need an excuse to purchase a new Oliver + S pattern. Although I figure that with more than one girl you can get great value out of the size 5-12 package!

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