cocoon cardigan

There are so many talented people sharing information free on the internet.  One of those talented and generous people is Kelli from True Bias.  When I read her tutorial for a Cocoon Cardigan I quickly filed it away for future reference and just the right piece of fabric.  When I came across some soft merino jersey in Rathdowne Fabrics a little while ago I knew that it was time to get the tutorial out.

True Bias Cocoon Cardigan

This was a very straightforward garment to make, and it’s one size fits most. I am quite short, and if I make it again I’ll remove some of the depth so that it isn’t quite so long. However, I was looking for a comfortable, cozy, slouchy garment, and this is what I got!

True Bias Cocoon Cardigan

There are gathers at the upper back to the neckline for some shaping around the body, and this is a very straightforward sew. Kelli’s instructions are terrific, and in this jersey the cardigan folds and falls in a very soft and warm way.

True Bias Cocoon Cardigan

I used vliesofix tape to stabilise hem edges before twin stitching them in place. Interestingly, I recently acquired a vintage pattern that includes a very similar cardigan, although for a woven! Everything old is new again.

vintage Vogue 8458

If you’re looking for a quick sewing fix that doesn’t really require fitting, or to make a gift for someone else, this is a wonderful tutorial to use.  I have worn mine surprisingly often this winter!

True Bias Cocoon Cardigan


  1. This looks great on you Lara. I was wearing my version of this pattern today – in a lighter knit so it’s works for the summer too (and with the warmer weather today it was ideal).

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