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raglan Knitwit top

Raglan sleeves are so easy to sew.  Those simple diagonal seams (well, simple as long as your fabric is stable or you have stabilised the bias cut) are so straightforward to join; no sewing in the round or easing sleeve caps!  They lend themselves to casual styles, in my view.  I avoided raglan sleeves for a while because I didn’t think that they did my narrow shoulders any favours.  They probably still don’t, but that hasn’t stopped me from being drawn to raglan sleeved patterns recently.  I pulled an old Knitwit pattern out of stash to have a bit of a play.

Knitwit basic tee pattern (c) 1988

Yes, that IS an ’80s pattern. Copyrighted 1988, in fact. I did a Knitwit course back in 1990, and it was very useful in getting me comfortable with sewing knits.  You really don’t have to have an overlocker to sew knits – it was possibly another fifteen years before I bought an overlocker.  This course was a great introduction – it’s sad that the courses are no longer available.

I decided to give the raglan sleeved top a try, combining some fabrics that I had in stash. I cut size 14 (since that was already traced!) and whizzed it through the overlocker.

Knitwit raglan tee pattern (c) 1988

Yes, that is oversized, and yes, those are very low armholes! It’s pretty much a batwing look, and pretty much expected of a pattern from its era. The print fabric is a viscose jersey remnant bought from The Fabric Store a year or two ago, combined with a solid knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics for the sleeves.

Knitwit raglan tee pattern (c) 1988

The sleeves needed to be shortened about an inch. I added a simple neckband from the scraps of the jersey print, and twin-needled it to secure it.

Knitwit raglan tee pattern (c) 1988

This was very quick and easy to make, and I quite like the finished garment as a casual layering piece, but won’t use this pattern again in this form.   However, I’ll definitely be giving raglan sleeves another try.

I actually wore this top over a long-sleeved tee, with a scarf and jacket over the top, and was happy with the finished outfit – not that you can see much of the top in the photo below!  I am trying to remember to share how I actually wore my finished garments, as it gives a better idea of how things fit into my wardrobe and overall style.

Knitwit raglan tee pattern (c) 1988


6 thoughts on “raglan Knitwit top

  1. Had a flashback to the 1980’s & batwing sleeves just looking at the pattern envelope! I can do raglan sleeves, but need a proper collar to give balance and make my shoulders appear straight.

    I like the colour mixing you’ve done with your top. I’d like to try this but am not sure that I would then wear the garment.

    And I am still envious of your lemon tree!

  2. The Knitwit store is about a 30 minute drive from me, I remember my mother doing Knitwit courses in Sydney in the 80’s as well.

    I LOVE your clothing style, the colours, fabric choices and styles look so good together.

  3. Knitwit is long gone from here but I did a couple of their lingerie courses which were fantastic! I still have the patterns somewhere. I love a good raglan sleeve. They are easy to fit and always look good.

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