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more swooning

Well, it seems that Stella passed her URTI on to me.  But there is an upside – although we cancelled most social engagements over the weekend, and while I did feel rotten and still do – I didn’t feel so rotten that I couldn’t sew.  So while the kids rested up and watched tv and played with the dog and enjoyed the knitting nancy, I put the pedal to the floor and got quite a bit of sewing done.

Swoon scarf neck cardi in ponte from Clear It

This is the Swoon Scarf Neck Cardi, a free pattern for girls (and there is a women’s version). You’ve seen it before, on Clare. And you’ll see it again! I printed off a second copy (one of the advantages of pdf patterns) and quickly taped and cut the size 5/6 for Stella. Stella is 7 years old, but quite small.

Swoon scarf neck cardi in ponte from Clear It

The fabric is a super spongy ponte from Clear It (most likely from the Alannah Hill range). I’d already made myself a cardigan from it (as yet unblogged) and already knew that it would handle best with the overlocker for construction and a simple zig-zag stitch to secure the hems. So that is what I did. The edges were only turned once to the inside as the fabric is quite substantial but doesn’t fray, then zig-zagged along the edge.

Swoon scarf neck cardi in ponte from Clear It

On my monitor the fabric looks incredibly bright, and a fuchsia shade. In real life it is still bright, but more towards a candy shade of pink than a fuchsia. It is quite substantial, and clearly contains a fairly high percentage of lycra. Just perfect for a child’s cardigan. Stella styled it with a dress that I originally made for Clare, and a coordinating orange hair clip. I think she’s done a great job of her outfit!

Swoon scarf neck cardi in ponte from Clear It

I like the pointed hemline and the curved princess seams at the side fronts. Although very fast to make, it’s a fashionable style and has just enough detail to look quite “now”. Maybe I’d better tape up the women’s version of the pattern too.

Swoon scarf neck cardi in ponte from Clear It

And last but definitely not least, thank you all SO much for your lovely comments on the girls’ Eowyn and Ellie costumes.  I really enjoyed making them, and am pleased that you all seemed to enjoy seeing them as well!  And now time for more painkillers and a little more sewing…..



8 thoughts on “more swooning

  1. I’ve got one of those URTIs currently, too; in my case, it’s probably related to the “swimmer’s ear” I get each year right after I come back from vacation (and swimming in the hotel pool). That hotel has gone downhill in recent years, though, so we’ll stay at a different hotel in that town next time. Somehow, the adrenalin or something kept me going while moving my youngest back into university on Saturday — but I was quite miserable all day Sunday! 😦
    Loved your daughter’s Eowyn and Ellie costumes! (Especially Eowyn, as I’m in the middle of rereading The Two Towers currently.)

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