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McCalls 6844

McCalls 6844 was released a couple of years ago, and was one of Pattern Review’s Best Patterns of 2013.  When I last checked there were over 70 reviews of this pattern on Pattern Review, so I assume that there are countless versions that have been made!  I was a little slower on the uptake than most.  There are a few variations of the pattern in terms of length, whether to include a peplum, and whether to have a straight or high-low hemline.

I threw caution to the wind and decided on view C, with both a peplum and a high-low hemline.  I was dubious about whether I would like this style on me, but I don’t really want to restrict myself to one silhouette in my wardrobe either.  So, the finished jacket!

2014-08-11 17.21.38

This was actually really easy to make. I petite-ed the pattern, shortening it through the body above the waist. I used size Medium throughout. The fabric is from Darn Cheap Fabrics, and is a fairly thick knit jacquard. It was most definitely NOT on the $2 table.  How do they make these knit jacquards?  I’d love a trip to a factory to find out.

2014-08-11 17.16.28

Despite being designed for a knit, the pattern pieces include 5/8″ seam allowances. This actually worked well for this spongy knit, as I sewed it on the machine then pressed seam allowances open. I did use the overlocker to construct and finish some seams, but mainly this was sewn on the machine. I used my twin needle for hems, including the peplum hem after just turning the edges once to the inside and securing them with Vliesofix tape.

2014-08-10 17.03.32

The collar is the same pattern piece, cut twice. With a fabric of this thickness, turn of cloth became a problem. You can see it in the above photo, along the seamline where the collar pieces are joined. If I made this jacket again (and I might well do that) I would shave quarter of an inch or so off the under collar piece. As a fix for this jacket I topstitched along the collar edge, rolling the seamline to the correct place as I went.

2014-08-11 17.21.44

The shoulders could be a little narrower, and I may yet to some sneaky catch-stitching under the collar where it meets the peplum and down to the bottom hem to keep it sitting nicely. But these photos were taken after a full day at work, and I think that it’s looking pretty good! I received some unsolicited compliments on it from random people at work, which was nice, and it met my essential criteria of being comfortable. I can see why this pattern is so popular!

2014-08-11 17.22.03

I was rather impressed that it coordinated with one of my Mabel skirts so beautifully.  The top is a Renfrew that needs to be retired due to pilling.  Black is such a harsh colour on me, but I will still need to replace this top.  Maybe with a long-sleeved Tessuti Lola – the scoop neck will keep that black away from my face.  What other coloured tops would work under the jacket?




21 thoughts on “McCalls 6844

  1. Another great outfit! That jacket is very flattering on you. As for black, it’s so versatile that I wear it too, even though it is not my best color either. I think that since the black is mostly underneath the jacket, it’s not a problem.

  2. Lovely. And what a nice fabric. I like your idea of undercutting the inside collar for this fabric, to pull the seam in. And grading the seam allowance would help, bet you did that anyway. You look good with the black top and it’s very sharp with this jacket and skirt!

  3. The jacket is lovely, it has a lovely line through the body – defined waist without being large through the hips. I’ve going to go buy this pattern, I hadn’t seen it before but it’s lovely.

    I really like the fabric too. When I see fabrics I often have a hard time imagining them made up, so I tend to keep to ‘safe’ colours and patterns. Seeing all your various fabrics that you use is opening up my eyes to being more adventurous. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I am definitely going to check this pattern out, it looks awesome. Navy would go wonderfully with that outfit and is less harsh than black, I think- I love orange and navy together!

  5. Oh Lara, I think this style of look suits you perfectly. Love it. Looks tailored but as you said, comfortable. Love LSV idea of navy as an alternative to black (which I don’t mind on you either) underneath.

  6. Lovely jacket. I too can see why it is popular. I love darn cheap fabrics – I must try visit it more often. Perhaps a coloured blocked top in cream , black and orange like your great vogue dresses you have made. Then you could keep the black away from your face.

  7. Lara, this is lovely, I do like the cut and fabric! I’d put navy under the jacket (but then, I’ll choose navy with most colours!), How does it look with brown shades? Or as a compete contrast, it’s opposite teal/aqua?? 😉

  8. So stylish! What about charcoal grey or white underneath? I had the same thickness issue with the neckband of my recent style arc cardigan, so cutting the under collar smaller is a clever solution. Oh the $2 table! My downfall!

  9. Yep, gotta keep trying new styles & evolving! It looks fantastic on you & I love your fabric choice. I probably would’ve gone for a jersey knit but something more substantial like this jacquard looks even better! And must be extra warm, I bet 🙂

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