All my life I have wanted a cat.  Two cats, actually.  I dreamed about the day when I had my own house and the two cats that I would have.  I’d even chosen names.  Well, then I met the man I would later marry, we bought a house, and got a cat.  And my husband was REALLY allergic.  The cat was quickly given to a friend, and that was that. We were a pet free household.

Well, the girls have been asking for a pet for years and years and years.  I resisted, as I really didn’t want another responsibility.  However, I can see what a lovely thing pet ownership can be.  Since the girls are now older and more responsible, and there is currently an adult at home full-time, we thought that the timing was right.  So let me introduce Buzz!


Buzz is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel crossed with Shih Tzu, and is six and a half years old.  We adopted him from the Lost Dogs Home, so we don’t really know his story from the last six and a half years.  He came to us on Wednesday, and has very quickly become part of our family.

2014-08-06 19.56.57-1

Now I’ll admit that I know very little about dogs and dog ownership.  I’ve never been what people refer as a “dog person”.  My husband has never had a pet (well, in his bachelor days he had goldfish and axolotls, but he’s never had a mammal as a pet).  My family had a dog when I grew up, but lived in a rural setting on a half acre block and the dog lived outside and pretty much roamed free (this was a long time ago).  We live in inner Melbourne, so Buzz is going to be an indoor dog, just staying outside when no-one is home.  He has already tried to escape from the back yard once, but now the gate has been reinforced and things are very secure.  We are limiting him to the downstairs part of the house – no entry to the sewing room for Buzz!

2014-08-06 20.08.23

So far Buzz is an absolute delight.  He’s been well trained, I haven’t heard him bark once, and he loves to walk on the lead.  He follows commands – even the rather confusing ones from Stella – and loves nothing more than to have his tummy rubbed or to lie on the couch next to you with his head on your lap.  He also likes to lick your hands, which I’m not so keen on but will probably get used to.  He does have a dog bed but it quickly became apparent that he is used to sleeping on the couch.  Oh well – six year old habits are possibly harder to break.  And the couch is already very grubby, so we might go along with that.  He is also very happy to be brushed.  Fortunately there is a dog groomer living two doors up from us, which will be very handy as Buzz will need regular grooming.  And I have sussed out local vet and dog training options too, and there are plenty.

2014-08-06 19.57.51

If you are interested in getting a dog and are pretty inexperienced with animals like we are, I highly recommend getting an adult dog from a shelter!  No puppy behaviour or house training to do, and you are rescuing a dog that needs love and care.  So far we are thrilled with our decision!  The girls’ friends are pretty happy about it too – Buzz is definitely the star attraction at the moment.

2014-08-08 20.21.28-1

Oh, as for the sewing content of this blog post? I made the pyjamas that Clare is wearing in the above photo – and shall blog about them eventually!

2014-08-06 20.08.40


29 thoughts on “Buzz

  1. Awww, I love Buzz!! & am so glad Buzz & your family met at the Lost Dogs Home & he now has found his furever home. umm…. and dare I say it might be a year, but I foresee pics of adorable Buzz snuggled up in fabric in the sun next winter… (ok, Maci made me type that last bit). Welcome Buzz 😉

  2. What a cutie! We got our Great Pyrenees, Zoe, as a rescue and she’s the sweetest dog ever. One tip I heard, that was true for us, is that it will take a year for them to really be your dog. As they relax into their new place and get to know you (and vice versa) their unique personality comes out more and more. Enjoy the trip- it’s a wonderful time!

  3. I have two cats like you dreamed of as a child, and we have at least one hissing-chasing-fighting incident a day. Just telling you that so you can feel happier with your peaceful one doggy household.

  4. Buzz looks quite happy! He will love you on your worst days and nothing beats snuggling up with your dog after a rough day. Yay for Buzz and congratulations to your family for rescuing a wonderful dog!

  5. How wonderful!! Buzz is very sweet and I love the look on his upside down scratch my belly picture. He is so lucky to come to such a lovely family. There is nothing better than an animal companion. Or two.
    Peri and Gilly send wiggly waggly tails of happiness.

  6. Buzz is very cute. Toby my rescue dog is definitely one of the family and will always love you no matter what-even if you have just accidentally stood on him. Getting doggy hair out of my fabric is no problem now -he often fills in for fabric weights when cutting out.

  7. The photo of your family on the sofa is a classic. Buzz seems to be well at home.
    Great idea getting an older dog from the shelter. I have had a couple of dogs from the Lost Dogs home in North Melbourne and they were both gorgeous and still in my heart. Your lovely family has a lovely addition.

  8. Happy days!!! Having grown up on a farm… I miss having pets (dogs, especially) around, and it will be the first order the day we move into a house rather than an apartment! So I’m a little envious 🙂 Seems like he’s settling in nicely!

  9. Congratulations on your new family member. I was so distressed over your statement about leaving him outside when you are not at home that I couldn’t read the rest without stopping to comment. NEVER NEVER NEVER leave your dog outside unattended. NEVER! So many things can happen to them, including injury, heat or cold exposure/illness/injury, THEFT, escape, attack by people or other animals, etc. I do not have a fenced yard, so my dog is on a tie-out. I always stay near the door when she is outside. It is frightening the things that can happen to a dog who is left alone outside. If your dog has been potty-trained, and he probably was, he will be okay inside for a few hours by himself. If you are worried about him doing damage, buy a crate until you are comfortable with him being loose in the house. Please do not leave him outside alone, ever.

    A great way to bond with your new dog is to take him to obedience training. Choose a trainer who uses positive training methods (Victoria Stilwell style). He is not too old and will likely enjoy learning new things. The trainer can talk to you about how to treat him and how to introduce him to strangers, children, etc. If you have not already, take him to a reputable vet for a check up. Mine was sick for months after her rescue and I did not know it. (I had trusted the vet associated with the kennel.) Also, micro-chipping is well worth the expense if he does get out.

    1. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your concerns Hazel. We will be doing obedience training with Buzz, and as I said he is mostly going to be indoors. Our back yard is very safe and secure, and as far as I am aware and from what the shelter and vet have told us many dogs live successfully in an outdoor environment full time or at least part-time, so we are confident that Buzz will be fine if left there on occasion as well. He came to us microchipped, groomed, desexed and vaccinated, which is all a bonus too. He is settling in beautifully!

  10. My daughter also has allergies to cats and some dogs! We have a bichon jack Russell who is 7 years old. We have a baby gate on our laundry door and she lives in there at night and when we are not at home. She can get outdoors through a cat door in the back door. It works really well.

    Buzz looks as though he has settled into the family nicely. He is very cute!

  11. Wonderful news! Not sure who looks happier- the girls or the dog! I have grown up with all sorts of pets; so my boys are growing up with a rabbit and chooks ( 5 chooks at present). We got the rabbit when the eldest was having a bad patch at school, and he has a great relationship with the bunny – she accepts him as a fellow rabbit, which is high praise from a bunny! Plus in a house of 3 males, I can go out to the backyard and talk to my “girls” in the chook yard! Enjoy your lovely new family member!

  12. Awww he is so cute. Every family needs a pet and Buzz looks like he’s settled nicely. And big kudos for getting a rescue dog. We got our Scruffy (a wire haired Jack Russell) 6 years ago from the RSPCA, he was 5 years old when he came to us. And while he has more baggage than Tullamarine, we are his forever humans.

  13. …and Lara, if you ever need a dog sitter/walker, not sure if you know Cathy, who lives a few doors up from us who specializes in little dogs! He’s a lovely little thing.

  14. Congratulations on your new addition to the family.
    When I got my first dog (being a cat person) I was told “if you give 100% you’ll get 110% back from the dog’ That was so true for us and I hope for you as well.
    I’m now on my third Cavalier and I wish you great fun and happiness with Buzz.

  15. We have the cat from RSPCA and her favourite thing (after scratching all my chairs) is to tight walk the plasma! Though she does like to get behind it too and chew the wires……

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