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City Girl tunic

I have made plenty of cowl neck tops.  Ergo, I have plenty of cowl neck patterns in my stash. But I still find it hard to resist a new one.  Call the the appeal of the “new and shiny”.  So earlier in the year I sewed up the City Girl top.

City Girl Tunic by See Kate Sew

I used a dark grey marle mid weight viscose knit that may have come from Darn Cheap Fabrics, I can’t actually remember! It was a terrific weight for this top. I’m guessing that I sewed the Medium, although it could have been the Large. Too lazy this morning to trek up the stairs and find where I’ve put the pattern away to check it. I did the 3/4 sleeve version, in the tunic length. There is a lot that I really like about this top except for one thing – have you spotted it already?

City Girl Tunic by See Kate Sew

See those folds just above the bust? This top has a curved yoke with a centre pleat, and I think that there could be an issue with the interaction of the yoke curve, the armhole draft, and getting it all to fit smoothly over the bust. At first I just thought it might have needed a FBA, but that is quite unusual for me in a knit top. Then I looked at photos of City Girl tops that others had made, and almost all of them have exactly the same issue. They disappear if I pull the top down hard:

City Girl Tunic by See Kate Sew

But as soon as I move, those folds appear again. I like the fit elsewhere however. The sleeves are slim, which I prefer in a looser bodied top, and the shoulder seams are pretty much on my shoulders.

City Girl Tunic by See Kate Sew

I constructed this on the overlocker, with the machine used to secure the centre tuck in place and to topstitch the hems. I used bright green for the twin needling for a contrast. No, in reality I used it because it was already threaded up in the machine. But I really do like the contrast! So, would I make this again? Actually I wouldn’t. Those folds above the boobs really annoy me. I do wear the top, as it layers nicely, but the drafting clearly does not work for me (or for lots of other people, judging from the photos).

City Girl Tunic by See Kate Sew


4 thoughts on “City Girl tunic

  1. Interesting their Sophie shift dress pattern has the same problem. Some of the other designs look like they might, too, but the pictures aren’t clear enough on my computer to be sure. Seems as if their basic block is faulty – too narrow across the upper chest or something.

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