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Thailand day nineteen (Sunday) to Australia day twenty (Monday)

Well, that’s it!  We’re home, back in chilly Melbourne.  At least the sun was shining today when we landed, quite unlike last night when we took off from Bangkok!  Our last day in Khao Lak was really a packing up and saying goodbye day.  The kids had a last swim and Dan collected his tailor-made shirts.  We tried to have a last drink at Peter Bar but unfortunately were defeated by the high tide, so settled with a drink at the hotel instead.







Our transfer to Phuket airport was at 1.30pm. It takes a little over an hour to get there from Khao Lak, and as always the drive there provided us with plenty to see through the minivan windows. We were taking a domestic flight up to Suvarnabhumi International Airport (the main airport in Bangkok). There was quite a gap between the arrival of our domestic flight and the departure time of the international one. However, this wasn’t an issue – Suvarnabhumi is MASSIVE! By the time we got off one aircraft, walked a massive distance to baggage claim to get our luggage, then found our way to the International departures area we were able to check our bags in.




The airport is very well signed, and all staff that we interacted with were extremely helpful. We quickly went through immigration and found ourself in a huge shopping complex. All the luxury brands were there, as well as other shops hoping to tempt you with last minute duty free shopping opportunities. There were also some fun things along the way – statues, fancy video screens – and by the time we had a light dinner it was time to make our way to the departure lounge.




The plane was late boarding and taking off – there had been thunder and lightning for some hours. Eventually we were in the air at around 11.00pm Thailand time, and attempting to sleep. Our flight landed in Melbourne shortly after 11.00am Melbourne time after a relatively uneventful night. Dan and I didn’t get much sleep – the air conditioning on the plane was freezing, and on a budget airline no blankets are provided – but the girls seemed to snooze for most of the night.



Immigration and customs at Melbourne was straightforward too, as was the taxi ride home. We were struck by how tidy and ordered the streets and traffic are here – it’s surprising how quickly you become used to the busyness and disorder and relative mess of Thailand. There were good things awaiting us at home – my latest copy of Threads magazine, Dan’s 50th birthday present from the girls, a warm shower and favourite toys.



The rest of the day has passed in a jetlagged haze, unpacking, doing some basic shopping and putting the washing machine through its paces. It’s hard to believe that this time yesterday we were still in Thailand. As Clare said before she popped up to bed tonight “I don’t think that I was home-sick while we were away, but I am a little bit Thailand-sick now that we are back”. Yes, we all miss it. What an incredible family holiday. There are lots of other things that I’d like to share about our time away and thoughts that I have about travelling overseas with a family and will hopefully get to that in another blog post soon. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that the planets will align for us and in 2016 we will be able to visit Chiang Mai, Cambodia and Laos! Thanks so much for travelling along with us. Your interest and encouragement has been wonderful.




29 thoughts on “Thailand day nineteen (Sunday) to Australia day twenty (Monday)

  1. I just want to say thank you so much for allowing us to share your awesome vacation. I really enjoyed reading about your days and the wonders of your surroundings. Would love to visit Thailand but from canada it is such long flight. Coming home is nice los. No place like home. Welcome back.

  2. I might be almost as sad as you that your holiday is over! I have looked forward to starting my day with you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing. Can’t wait to see what becomes of that lovely fabric!

  3. I am sorry to see your vacation end. I have very much enjoyed (arm chair) traveling along with you and have looked forward to reading your blog posts every morning. So many wonderful pictures and so much excellent information. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I really enjoyed you vacation posts. What a wonderful adventure to share with your kids. It definitely encouraged me to think about a trip like this when my kids get a little older. Thank you!

  5. I’ve had such a GREAT holiday! Thanks so much to you and your family for sharing it with us. There are so many incredible things in the world and it was great to see some of them through your travels! Now……….get sewing! Haha

  6. I have really enjoyed the change of pace your holiday writing has provided. It has also given me much food for thought. Knowing your energy levels, normal programming will be returning very soon! I am pleased you all had a lovely time.

  7. Wow, I am also sad that your trip is over! I have so enjoyed living vicariously through you and your beautiful families travels of Thailand thank you so much for sharing it with us! Dan’s shirts look awesome, can’t wait to see what you do with your fabric purchases! I love reading your blog-:).

  8. Thanks for all these posts, they are a wonderful reminder for you and your family but I’ve really enjoyed reading them. Reminds me of our holiday in Bali last Christmas. Think next time we will go to Vietnam. I’d love to hear your tips as I have two children around the same age.

  9. Thank you for sharing your family holiday ,I really enjoyed revisiting Thailand via your blog posts. You have given me ideas of new places to visit next time! Love your fabric purchases and am looking forward to seeing the new outfits you sew up .

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