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Thailand day fourteen – Tuesday in Khao Lak

This is going to be the shortest blog post I’ve written while on holiday!  Tuesday was the day the girls had been waiting for- hair braiding day.  After breakfast we headed out of the resort to the hairdresser.  It had been extremely stormy overnight, and there were some trees and a shade sail down at the resort.  Power had been cutting in and out a little bit overnight, but the resort must have had its own generators.  The same can’t be said for in the village though – there was no electricity there at all.  No air con and no fans made for a very humid time at the hairdresser, but it didn’t stop the hair braiding (or the superb reflexology foot massage that I had while the girls were being attended to). Humidity is at maximum here – I’d blow dried my hair into its usual sleek asymmetrical bob in the morning, and a couple of hours later it was fluffy!  And even the camera lens is fogged up a bit.








It took around three hours for their hair to be done.  The girls also had a kids club booking for a “Junior Chef” cooking class where they would be making some traditional Thai desserts, so the kids headed to that at 2pm and Dan and I headed around the beach to Peter Bar once again for a kid-free cocktail.



The girls stayed at the kids club for a couple of hours, painting plaster figurines after the cooking class and then feeding the resort fish that are living in the lagoon.  Clare said that there were so many fish there at feeding time that they wriggled right up on top of one another to the extent that they were out of the water! Dan sneaked away to track down the foot reflexology man that I’d seen during the morning, and the girls and I headed to the pool. A storm swept through while we were in the pool.  It’s amazing how quickly they come across, the wall of water that ensues, the how quickly they vanish again. It certainly didn’t bother the kids, and they spent another hour or two going down the water slide with a new found friend. The storm made the temperature feel almost cool – possibly the coolest I’ve been since we arrived in Thailand, other than in the frigid air conditioning that is prevalent here.



Dinner was also at Peter Bar on the beach.  Dan had ordered some huge prawns earlier in the day, and we got there just before sunset.  Even the dogs were settling in to sleep. Unfortunately poor Clare developed a migraine pretty much as we arrived (she has been getting them intermittently for a couple of years now – like mother, like daughter).  So although we enjoyed the food, we couldn’t linger over it as we had to get her home to bed.  Parenting lesson for ourselves – make sure that the kids eat and drink more regularly during the day.  I don’t think she’d had enough of either, and on further questioning she’s actually been feeling a bit headachey since the cooking class, but I think she ignored it because she was having fun.  So it was straight into bed and asleep for both girls at 8pm – and for me, because they were sharing the king sized bed with me that night.





Today (Wednesday) we have a day trip planned.  Here’s hoping that Clare will be feeling better – and I will make certain to take plenty of water along for her. I will post a little list of my tips on travelling to Thailand with kids on the blog at some stage, including the things that we learned the hard way!


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