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Thailand day one

Well, I suppose that technically day one was the day we arrived.  But since we spent most of that day in the air – and I have to say, both my daughters were superb travelers – and didn’t arrive at our hotel until almost midnight, yesterday (Wednesday) was really day one.


The rest of my family have already adapted to Thai time, but my body seems firmly attuned to the time in Melbourne. So I was well and truly awake by dawn. The photo above is the view from our hotel window. After breakfast we decided to take a trip up the river to Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace.









One of the funniest things has been that the girls appear to be a tourist attraction in their own right.  They have been photographed many times both by locals and other tourists.  They do stand out with their blonde hair – actually, there are less Anglo-European people here than I anticipated.


The afternoon was spent in the hotel pool.  Our new bathers got a workout – and my husband also got a workout in the form of a thai massage.




Today we plan to take a food tour of the Bang Rak district.  Tasting food – ticks all boxes for me!  We have quickly realised that one activity a day outside the hotel is all that the kids can manage.  The rest of the time is clearly destined to be spent in the pool.



8 thoughts on “Thailand day one

  1. It looks wonderful! I hope you enjoy it all and those bathers get a good workout. It seems like half my kids friends and teachers are off to Thailand this week. Maybe you will meet someone from Ballarat 🙂

  2. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing. I particularly your swimsuit and the ruffly dress of your littlest one. Beautiful! Can’t you tell I sew…I tried to concentrate on the travel photos but I got distracted 😉

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