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Barb, Simone and the Plantain

When I type a post title like this one, I wonder how many readers will get what I am referring to immediately, and how many might have to puzzle it out.  In this case, I am referring to the StyleARC Barb pants, the StyleARC Simone cardi, and the Deer & Doe Plantain tee.

Style Arc Simone cardigan and Barb pants with Plantain tee

These were all Sewjourn makes as well (I haven’t done any sewing for last week – gasp!) and were very straightforward. I hadn’t made the Barb pants before, but will definitely be making them again.

Style Arc Barb pants

I sewed these in charcoal grey stretch Bengaline, also from StyleARC. It’s wonderful fabric. A woven, with a phenomenal amount of stretch that runs along the length of the fabric. That means that you have to cut the pants out with the pattern pieces running from selvage to selvage in order to have the stretch going around the body, which is at right angles to the usual layout. I made these as work pants. They have a slim leg, but aren’t as skinny as the Elle pants (that I usually make from ponte). The back is looser through the upper thigh as well (remember that I have relatively slim hips and thighs as compared to my mid-section).

Deer and Doe Plantain tee with Style Arc Barb pants

I left these fairly long, as apparently the Bengaline can shrink a little. Construction was on the overlocker. There is elastic encased in the separate waistband, and the rise comes up nicely over my stomach.

Deer and Doe Plantain tee

The tee is the free Plantain pattern by Deer and Doe. I graded this pattern over three sizes; 40 bust, 42 waist, and 38 hips. It pulls a little just above the bust where it could probably do with a FBA. Next time I might try a cheat’s FBA on the front piece and not grade down for the hips but leave it to flare out more. The fabric was from Super Cheap Fabrics in Brunswick. The texture is great, and I like the petrol blue.  Once again construction was all on the overlocker, with the twin needle in the machine to finish the hems.

Style Arc Simone cardigan

After those two fairly workhorse garments, what I am happiest with from this outfit is the Simone cardigan. I used a crushed wool blend jersey that came from the Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 table some time ago. The drafting is impeccable, and the way that the pockets are formed from drapes into the side seam is so clever!

Style Arc Simone cardigan and Barb pants

I sewed straight size 12 for the cardi. Most construction was on the overlocker, with the twin needle on the machine to finish hems and secure the front bands in place. It’s hard to see how the pockets work so here is the line drawing.

This cardi has already made its way into high wardrobe rotation.  It must be the combination of the simple shape with the additional touch of the drape pocket – especially when paired with one of my current colour obsessions, golden mustard! I especially like it with my Jaywalk dress.

Vogue 8975 for the Tessuti Jaywalk 2014 competition

As it so happens, the Jaywalk dress and Simone cardi combination is what I wore yesterday to celebrate my husband’s significant birthday!

2014-06-21 15.07.55

We had a wonderful party at home with a group of family and close friends. It was loads of fun but boy, the day flew past! And I have to say, that cake was absolutely delicious. Happy 50th to my perfect match – we really do complement one another. And now it’s only two more sleeps until Thailand…..

16 thoughts on “Barb, Simone and the Plantain

  1. Love this outfit, especially the Simone cardigan. I wondered how that would look in real life other than the line drawing. I too love StyleArc’s Bengaline which I used to make the Linda pants for my recent OS holiday. They did shrink slightly even though I washed the fabric before cutting and sewing. But they come out of a suit case and look great on and they washed well in a hand basin and required no ironing afterwards which for me was ideal for travelling. Enjoy your holiday in Thailand and wearing all of your lovely new swimsuits.

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