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Butterick 5954 with StyleARC April pants

These patterns are both repeats. Butterick 5954 has been used once before. StyleARC April has been used more than once before!

Butterick 5954 with Style Arc April pants

I am going to put the Butterick 5954 pattern into more use. I love this top!  The pattern offers a sleeveless version or short, three-quarter or long sleeves, with neckline and front overlay options.  This time around I sewed view B, but with full-length sleeves. 

The fabric is a very soft and drapey golden/mustard jersey (possibly a viscose blend) that came from Darn Cheap Fabrics.  I cut size Medium. It fits closely through the shoulders and upper chest, then flares out nicely from below the bust. I love tops that flare out over my mid-section rather than sticking to it.

Butterick 5954

And just check out the flare of the back pieces! The back is cut with a centre back seam, and fits closely through upper back than flares out from just above the waist. The flare is added both to the side seams and to the centre back seam. There’s a lot of fabric there – this top is a real fabric hog.

Butterick 5954 with Style Arc April pants

And yes, there is a high-low hem going on again here. I did petite this top at the shorten/lengthen lines, as I usually do.

Butterick 5954 with Style Arc April pants

The pants are made in leftover ponte from other projects. The print was from Darn Cheap Fabrics (I used it in my Lekala dress) and the solid ponte was a Tessuti remnant.  This really was a scrap project – I had to piece together some of the print to get a large enough amount of fabric for one of the back leg pieces. Luckily you can’t really tell, unless you are staring at my bottom from less than a metre away. And I don’t imagine that anyone will be doing that. And it will be covered by a tunic length top.

Style Arc April pants

I use size 10 for these, and have shortened the pattern both above and below the knee.  The horizontal seaming at knee level makes these ideal for cutting from smaller pieces of fabric.  You do need a decent length of fabric for the inner and outer leg panels so that you can cut them out on grain, even though you don’t use up much of the fabric width.

The waist has elastic applied to the inside of the waistband then turned inside again and stitched into place. It’s such a straightforward way to elasticise a waistband!

Style Arc April pants

When I’ve used this pattern before I used the print on the narrower contrast strips. It was fun to use the print as the main fabric this time and the solid ponte as a contrast. I imagine that I’ll be dragging this pattern out every winter.

Butterick 5954 with Style Arc April pants

Looking at these photos I realise that the sleeves need to be shortened.  Much too long!  Otherwise this is a fun pair of garments.  They weren’t really made to wear together.  I think that they are fine in this combination, but I’m more likely to mix and match them with other items in my wardrobe.


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