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the remnant dress – Style ARC Laura

Way back when I was at Sewjourn in May, I watched the Style Arc Laura dress pattern get a massive workout by Wendy, Rachel and especially Kathryn.  Kathryn used it to make dresses and tops, with all sorts of fantastic fabric patterns.  I was so inspired that as soon as I got home I pulled out my copy of the pattern and set to work with some remnants from other projects.  And I ended up with this!

Me made May day 24. Style Arc Laura dress made from double knit leftovers.

This dress is one that I felt great in as soon as I put it on.  The floral yoke and sleeves were scraps that I snaffled from Wendy – and I think that she found the fabric at Reverse Art Truck. They are a jersey. It took quite a bit of skill to squeeze the pattern pieces out of what I had!

Style Arc Laura dress

The front and the back are ponte remnants from other projects. I used different colours because I didn’t have enough to use just one!

Style Arc Laura dress

Something that I’ve learned since making this dress and looking at the photos – I need to make it bigger through the back. The pattern is a size 12. I had already done a slash and spread with the back pattern piece, but I need to do more. I’ve put on weight since the first time that I made it. I also will remove some of the back waist length, which shouldn’t be too hard to do with a centre back seam.

Style Arc Laura dress

I’m fairly pleased with the fit of the yoke and the sleeves. There are some folds just above the bust at the armhole, and I’ll consider doing a FBA on this pattern to hopefully eliminate that in the future. Adding a little more through the body will help the dress to skim over the bulges more.

Style Arc Laura dress

So no, the fit isn’t perfect. But it’s not appalling either. And when I put this dress on, I feel good! Construction wise it was assembled on the overlocker. I finished the neckline with a band and topstitched with the twin needle. It’s very fast to make. I’ve decided that with some tweaks I can follow Kathryn’s lead and make this a tried and true pattern that can be used a million ways!

Style Arc Laura dress


10 thoughts on “the remnant dress – Style ARC Laura

  1. It’s a very elegant dress. I like the fit. I’m not experienced with pattern adjustments as you seem to be, so I’d be happy with this fit as is. Can you explain what you would do to the back please?

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