Tessuti Jaywalk competition update

The announcement has been made about the winner of the Tessuti Jaywalk competition!  And no, I’m not the grand prize winner – but I am one of the five finalists!  I am absolutely thrilled, and thanks so much to everyone who gave me support and encouragement.  Many thanks to Tessuti for choosing such a terrific fabric for this year’s competition, and congratulations to the very worthy winner and the other finalists on their entries – actually, congratulations to everyone who entered!  There is so much variety and so much inspiration in the entries.  Now, how will I spend my $100 worth of fabric prize?

Vogue 8975 for the Tessuti Jaywalk 2014 competition

My original blog post about the dress is here.


21 thoughts on “Tessuti Jaywalk competition update

  1. I am absolutely thrilled for you Lara – so well deserved. It’s a great dress and your knack for matching pattern and fabric has been rewarded. Let me know if you want a shopping companion when you spend your winnings!

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