me made May 2014

me made May – the final two weeks

Me made May.  Didn’t that month absolutely fly past!  And guess what – yesterday, the first day of June, I still couldn’t help myself and wore entirely me-made.  Not that it lasted – I’m in ready to wear today. Anyway, here are my outfits from the second half of me made May. If you click on the photos it will take you to Flickr where you can find more details on each outfit.  There are a few ready to wear garments mixed in with the me-made, but not many.

me made May days 15-18

Now, there are a few garments in these photos that are still waiting to be blogged. I wonder if you know which ones are the new ones or which ones were made (and blogged) a long, long time ago?

me made May days 19-22

It wasn’t at all hard to me to wear me-made for the month. I thought that my work wardrobe would be the most difficult, but as it turned out I have plenty of clothing that I’ve made myself that is suitable for me to wear to work. I don’t think that I did any outfit repeats, and there is still plenty in the cupboard.

me made May days 23-26

The weather in Melbourne has been unseasonably warm, so although I wore sleeved garments and light jackets, I didn’t need heavy coats.

me made May days 27-30

Something that I definitely noticed during the course of the month was how much I enjoy colour, and how many compliments I got when I wore bright shades. I suppose that compared to the prevalent Melbourne black it stands out!

Me made May day 31. Butterick top and Style Arc Elle pants both made by me.

And yes, I ended off the month with a haircut and brighter colour. Will I participate in me made May again next year? I’m not sure, but I certainly did enjoy it this year. Thanks to all who took part and played along, whether as participants or as observers, and thanks for the comments on Instagram and Flickr.


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