Yes, I spent the weekend at Sewjourn!  And yes, I sewed up a ridiculous number of garments.   Eighteen in total.  Now, remember that most were very simple, all were pre-cut, and all but one were knits.  I have been trying to add to my “simple basics” and managed to do that quite nicely.  There were also a couple of experimental garments in there – I wonder if you can pick which ones?

Sewjourn May 2014 #1

I will be back with properly styled and non-blurry photos of each garment with pattern/fabric details – eventually! In the meantime I have to unpack everything and get it back where it goes in my sewing room. I also still have a suitcase full of garments that are cut out ready to sew – but I’ve just realised how long my non-sewing to-do list is for the next month! Ack! But I thought you might enjoy this little preview of what I made in the meantime.

Sewjourn May 2014 #2

Actually, everyone was EXTREMELY productive this weekend. And I think that between the seven of us there were possibly about fourteen Mabel (or similar) skirts sewn! Now we are all suffering the exhaustion of having stopped our normal lives for a weekend and are trying to ramp back up into the everyday whirlwinds.  Thanks again my fellow Sewjourners for all that you do and all that you are.


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