me made May 2014

me made May: the first two weeks

I mentioned a few blog posts back that I was participating in Me Made May this year.  It has been more fun than I anticipated watching people’s outfits pop up on Instagram and in the flickr group!  I love that there are so many people wearing self-sewn (and knitted and crocheted) garments.  Just wonderful!  Here are my outfits for the first two weeks of May.

me made May days 1-4

My challenge was to wear me-made to work as well as casually. This hasn’t actually proved to be a problem at all.

me made May days 5-8

Actually, for many of these days, all of my outer garments are me-made. My shoes, socks, stocking and underwear aren’t made by me, but most other things are. Including scarves and bags!

me made May days 9-12

So overall, me made May really has started off beautifully. Getting a photo taken each day is the biggest challenge, especially now that the days are shorter and there isn’t much light for mirror selfies. My work colleagues and my kids have been doing the photography honours most of the time.

me made May days 13-14

Further information on any of these outfits is on the flickr photos.  I encourage you to check out the flickr group, and see how creative people are with their sewing and their daily outfits.


6 thoughts on “me made May: the first two weeks

  1. I bet you could easily do a new item every day in May! I know what you mean about photographs though. I find the lack of light my biggest challenge as well! Unfortunately I only work with men so getting a photo during the day is never going to happen.

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