Crystal Anniversary Clapochet

The Clapochet is a crocheted scarf/wrap that currently has over 500 projects on Ravelry.  It is a free pattern, and can be pretty much worked up in any yarn, as long as you match it to an appropriate hook.  I started crocheting this one on my Crystal Wedding Anniversary back in February, and it was finished a week later.

Clapochet in BWM Murano

I used a full 200g ball of Bendigo Woollen Mills Murano, and actually ran out a little bit before the end. This has resulted in one end of the scarf being a little chopped off – the scarf is worked on the diagonal – instead of pointed, but I don’t think that it matters drastically.

Clapochet in BWM Murano

This is one of those situations where the yarn does all of the colour changing work. And the increases and decreases needed to work it diagonally kept everything interesting without being super taxing. It was a great commuting project.  And it is super warm and cosy.

Clapochet in BWM Murano

More details of my scarf are ravelled here.


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