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Colette Mabel skirt and Vogue 8819 jacket

So, who has made a Colette Mabel skirt?  Come on,hands up!  I jumped on that bandwagon, because I am always a sucker for a simple straight stretch fabric skirt.  Although I already own and love the Style Arc Fay skirt (which is self-lined and has a simple elastic waist) I decided that the Mabel skirt was different enough that purchase was justifiable.  There are three versions and a separate faced waistband.

Colette Mabel skirt.  Size M hips grading to XL waist (too big).

Now, this is my wearable muslin. I chose to make view 3, which is the longer length with side front panels and centre back kick pleat. I made this in size M hips, grading up to an XL waist. This worked with my measurements but actually made the waistband too big. It’s comfy, but there really isn’t much negative ease there at all.

Colette Mabel skirt.  Size M hips grading to XL waist (too big).

The fabric was leftovers from a previous project, and was from Darn Cheap Fabrics. I decided to do all the top-stitching in lime green with a twin needle. This highlighted all of the seam lines very nicely. The rest of the construction was on the overlocker. I used the same fabric for the waistband and the waistband lining.

Colette Mabel skirt

I am only 158cm (5’2″) tall, and this is the longest length offered by this pattern and it is right on my knee. Be warned! Also, remember that it is drafted with negative ease – it is meant to be fitted and cling to your curves. There isn’t any elastic in the waistband – although you could add it if you wanted extra security) – but that shouldn’t really be a problem. However, I did find that when I was crawling up on Clare’s bunk bed changing the sheets that the skirt pulled down to my knees very quickly! The next time that I made the skirt (yes, there has been a second time and a third is all cut out) I made size M through the hips again but only drafted up to a L for the waist. It’s a much better fit and feels more secure through my waist. That said, I’ll probably just sew it in a M from now on, in line with my hip measurement.

Colette Mabel skirt.  Size M hips grading to XL waist (too big).

As an aside, who else read the terrific discussion of loving your belly over on Polka Dot Overload the other day? So much to think about with that. Maybe this skirt is one step closer for me to love my belly! In the meantime, I’ll always wear this skirt with a top over it, not tucked in like the photo above. And possibly with a jacket over it like this one, Vogue 8819.

Vogue 8819 view B

As you know, I really do like to wear knit jackets. This was planned as part of my SWAP sewing (speaking of which, the deadline for completion has passed and I haven’t finished. A blog post for another day). The fabric came to me courtesy of Tanya’s stash – thanks Tan! It is an interesting black/green knit with a whole lot of gold running through it as well. Shiny! Gittery! Stretchy!

Vogue 8819 view B

I sewed up view B in size Medium, only making petite alterations to shorten it through the body. I had read that others reduced the amount of flare, but that was one of the elements that attracted me to the pattern. It really does cry out to be sewn in a stripe to take advantage of the bias panels and seaming, but I still like the effect of the intersecting grain lines anyway.

Vogue 8819 jacket with Colette Mabel skirt

The original pattern doesn’t have a closure, but I felt that it really did need one. I didn’t want to work a buttonhole in the bulk of the intersecting knit seams, so added a single button with a loop made from hat elastic. It works well. The back neckline of the jacket stands away from the neck a little in wearing, and the biceps area of the sleeves is a fraction tight. Otherwise, it’s very wearable.  Most construction was on the overlocker, but I used a twin needle to secure the hems and facings.  The stitches disappear right into that fabric – thank goodness there was no unpicking required.

8 thoughts on “Colette Mabel skirt and Vogue 8819 jacket

  1. Putting my hand up for the Mabel pattern. Hope to do the hem in a minute, and blog about it soon. Ás for length – I’m 5’9″ and added 6 inches to length to bring it to me knee! Love your fabric.

  2. You look great in this outfit! Yup. Guilty of being a little bit in love with the mabel right now. 2 versions finished and another planned with a contrast centre. Also you inspired me to go to darn cheap fabrics for the first time yesterday… im not sute whether I should thank you or blame you for me buying great fabric! !

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