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Perri Pullover for Clare

Often it’s the simple sews that are the most effective.  The Perri Pullover from the Cali Faye Collection seems to be popping up on a few blogs.  It is a very simple sew, but has quite a lot of impact!

Perri Pullover

I have read conflicting things about the sizing for this top. The description says The Perri Pullover is the embodiment of comfort and style. With a slight fishtail base, and its loungy aesthetic, the Perri Pullover will pair fabulously with leggings for a look that will never go out of fashion. But what your child will love more than how adorable they look is the pockets! The photo on the pattern page definitely indicates a large, slouchy style. With that in mind, I measured Clare, (yes! She has grown two inches since this time last year!) compared her measurements to those listed in the pattern, and cut a straight size 8.  The finished pullover looks to fit her just as per the description.

Perri Pullover

At first Clare was pretty unsure about the width of the neckline and the tendency for it to slip off her shoulders. A bit too Flashdance, maybe! But then she changed the top she had underneath to a racerback tank and suddenly her opinion changed too. Now she loves it!

Perri Pullover

The fabric is gorgeous printed sweatshirt knit from Spotlight – smooth and printed on one side, and quite thick and fleecy on the other. This means that it could easily get a bit bulky, so I used a medium weight navy ponte for the contrasting bands and for the pockets. According to the instructions the neckband should be folded in half again to be about one inch wide then stitched down to cover the seam – as you can see, I didn’t do that and thought it to be an unusual instruction. The bulk of the neckband would be four layers thick! Also, the width as I left it matched the other bands. I notice from the photos of other Perri Pullovers on the internet that most people appear to have done exactly the same as I have and have left the neckband wider.

Perri Pullover

This would also be nice made in a soft, slouchy fabric such as a brushed jersey, where it would drape more closely to the body. As it is, Clare thinks it is an excellent addition to her winter wardrobe. And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve made one for Stella as well. And have one cut out in the Adult version of the pattern for myself! Matchy matchy…..


7 thoughts on “Perri Pullover for Clare

  1. I love this! I love the fabric and the shape. Very trendy little girl and she wears it beautifully. I would love to get my girls into an oversized top/sweater like this, but they are still of the black and white age of black and white fitting, no oversized or cropped lengths allowed. “you sewed it too short mummy!”

  2. What a gorgeous top. I might have to check out that pattern for my daughters. I have once sewn a Ottobre kids tshirt pattern with neck binding instructions like that. And yes, with the 4 layers, it was quite chunky and stiff.

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