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Simplicity 1733 jacket

Simplicity 1733 was bought for the dress.  But instead, I’ve made the jacket!  Who’d have thought it!

Simplicity 1733 jacket

Since the weather turned cold I’ve been re-evaluated what is in my very crowded wardrobe. Realistically, I don’t “need” anything – I have plenty of clothes. But sewing is my hobby, it’s the thing that I do, and I really enjoy making garments for myself. I’m planning on another wardrobe purge soon, and in the meantime I’m focusing on sewing the simple knit items that are the clothes I reach for the most. The white with black stripe viscose/spandex jersey has been in stash for a while – it was originally from the Darn Cheap Fabrics discount table – and I’ve made a tunic in it before that has seen quite a lot of wear. As it turns out, this fabric is an excellent match for this jacket pattern.

Simplicity 1733 jacket and Style Arc Elle pants

I always enjoy sewing raglan sleeves, and although I couldn’t get all the stripes to match up they are still well aligned. They do match up along all other seamlines!  The back collar band is nice and high around the neck. At the front the band doesn’t attach all the way to the bottom hem, resulting in a pleasing geometric feature when it does join. The sleeves are bracelet length, as in the pattern envelope photo, although they are described as “long” in the pattern description.

Simplicity 1733 jacket

Although this won’t be warm enough for the middle of winter, it will make a great extra layer through autumn and spring – and for the office heating! This is a bit of a “sleeper” pattern that I couldn’t find many examples of on the internet but would highly recommend.  It would work nicely in a wool jersey and be very warm and snuggly.

Simplicity 1733 jacket

And I do still plan on making the dress from this pattern.  Just wish that I still had some of that fabric left!


4 thoughts on “Simplicity 1733 jacket

  1. Great pattern! I quite like it with the stripes. I have a very similar cardi to this in a merino jersey that I purchased many years ago from Witchery and have literally worn it to death, so comfy and snuggly.

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