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Lekala-along: my Lekala 4329 jacket revealed!

Well, you’ve seen it already on my dress form Ada, so this isn’t really a big reveal.  But I know that there is a difference between seeing clothes on a dress form and seeing them on a real person!  So here goes – Lekala 4329, made to my measurements.

Lekala 4329 jacket

Lekala 4329 jacket

Lekala 4329 jacket

Lekala 4329 jacket

Lekala 4329 jacket

So, what’s my verdict?  I’ll start with the minuses.  See the bit of blousing above the belt at the back?  That’s due to a couple of things.  Firstly, the belt is probably too tight!  Secondly, I provided Lekala with a circumferential waist measurement.  They have divided that measurement evenly between the front and back pattern pieces, but most of my “waist” measurement is actually in my front.  Which then makes the front a fraction small and the back a fraction large, at waist height.  But it’s not drastic.  And maybe I just need to pull the back down a fraction.

The pluses?  It’s a great fit across the shoulders and chest, I love the two piece sleeves, it’s well proportioned for my short and short-waisted frame, and everything fits!  The pattern pieces all fitted together beautifully, and overall I have to say that I am very pleased with Lekala’s price and product.  There is no way that I would have been able to make a jacket that fitted me this well with an unaltered pattern from any other pattern company.  Lekala still need tweaks, but that is the challenge of translating circumferential measurements to my body shape.  I think that the secret is all about taking accurate measurements.  Actually, the most recent issue of Threads has one of the best articles on taking measurements that I have ever read – I highly recommend it.

So, what about the rest of the Lekala-alongers?  Suzy has already shown off her lovely jacket here.  Andrea will be putting has hers up on the blog later today here  Black pleather – fantastic!  Rachel‘s went into the rubbish bin after she inserted the sleeves.  Karen‘s is still in flat fabric form somewhere in her new sewing room, that is still being set up.  And Kathryn and Ali – how far did you get with yours?

Overall, it’s been a great experiment.  Thanks for taking part, whether by sewing along or by reading along!

Lekala 4329 jacket


17 thoughts on “Lekala-along: my Lekala 4329 jacket revealed!

  1. It looks great on you. Thanks for sharing your experience with this pattern company – it’s always great to get some one else’s insight before you start purchasing pattterns!

  2. Your jacket is fab!
    I’m ashamed to say you were right in one of your earlier posts when you suspected I’d not started.
    Up until last week I’d not done any sewing for over a month. I stopped smoking 8 weeks ago and since then I’ve been a bit out of sorts. I’ve spent many hours crocheting to keep my hands busy but neglected the sewing. I have the pattern and hopefully I’ll get it done in the summer.
    Thanks for organising the sewalong tho, and sorry for not joining in properly. ✂️

    1. Ali, that is fine! I have joined many a sewalong that I haven’t followed through with for various reasons. It’s meant to be fun, not a chore – and you’ve had a few other things on your plate! I’ve been enjoying what you’ve got up to on your blog anyway.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting the sewalong, it pushed me to sew a jacket I probably wouldn’t have and spent a lot more time on fitting than I normal would!
    Your jacket looks lovely too, really nice with your black pants.

  4. Great jacket Lara! Your sleeve insertion looks beautiful! Can we see another photo with the jacket open, more casual, maybe over jeans? Love it!

  5. It does fit quite well!

    I’m making up my first Lekala (for me). We will see 🙂

    I love the fabric and you’re right, the tweaks needed are minor. Quite a steal at $2 isn’t it?!

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