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Renfrew and Elle

I did make a Renfrew that worked.  And another pair of Elle pants.

Sewaholic Renfrew with Style Arc Elle pants and Collette Dinnigan silk scarf

I also used my overlocker to make a rolled hem around the edges of some beautiful Collette Dinnigan silk chiffon that I bought from Rathdowne Fabrics recently – they are clearing the last of her fabrics since she closed down.  There were some absolutely exquisite items there, as you would imagine, but I stuck with things that I knew I would actually be able to incorporate into my life.  Which excluded sequinned and embroidered lace and chiffon, unfortunately.  I was planning on doing a beautiful narrow double fold hem around the edges of this silk or a hand-rolled hem. Then I realised that I was better off hemming quickly on the overlocker so that I can actually wear it rather than leave it languishing until I get around to doing the nicer hem (which I will still do; this fabric deserves it). Don’t start counting down how long it takes me to do it though. In the meantime, the overlocked rolled hem looks quite okay, and gives nice colour definition to the scarf edges. I need to learn some new tying techniques for large silk scarves – off to google for help with that!

Collette Dinnigan silk scarf

The Elle pants were made from exactly the same pattern as my last pair, but due to the fabric choice the fit is much larger. It is rather fascinating how changing a fabric changes fit!

Stretch something from Darn Cheap Fabrics

The fabric is a very beefy, rather spongy, vibrant fuschia knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics. I just couldn’t resist the colour. After consultation with some sewing buddies I chose to sew these with the “ribbed” side as the outer side. The “ribs” run across the grain, with interesting results during the construction process as the legs got longer and longer. The waist comes up higher than usual for this pattern too!

Style Arc Elle pants

The Renfrew is sewn from a striped cotton/spandex knit that I bought at GJs. It makes for a great basic that will fit easily under other layers. I have made a few things with dropped armholes or dolman sleeves lately, and as much as I love them, it’s harder to find garments that fit comfortably over them. The Renfrew is a great top in this regard with the higher armhole and more fitted sleeve. And I really do love that cowl – even in the thicker fabric.  And I am definitely feeling an attraction to stripes at the moment, despite the little bit of extra time and attention that it needed to match them.

Sewaholic Renfrew

I should have rearranged the cowl after taking off the scarf for that photo! I shortened the sleeves a little before attaching the cuffs. My Renfrew is a combination of about three sizes to better accommodate my measurements. I just grade across from one to the other.

Sewaholic Renfrew

It still clings a bit to the roll between the bottom of my bra and the waist of the pants. Possibly should have pulled it down a bit! I do enjoy sewing this entirely on the overlocker – because of the band at the bottom, the cuffs and the cowl, I don’t need to touch my machine at all when I make this. Unless I want to topstitch anywhere, but I don’t really need to.

Sewaholic Renfrew with Style Arc Elle pants

I’m definitely on a getting ready for winter knit sewing binge!  Oh, Melinda asked about the fabric I used in my last pair of Elle pants.  Yes, the Elle is designed for a stretch woven, and I have made a couple of pairs from the recommended fabric type.  However, most of my Elle pants have been made from ponte or other similar double knits with plenty of stretch.  I just find them more comfortable – especially around that thick waist of mine.  Good question Melinda!


8 thoughts on “Renfrew and Elle

  1. Thanks for that. I’m really hesitant to change fabric types on a pattern, having seen how just different weights of a recommended fabric can change it. I’m definitely going to have to get the Elle pants pattern. I wear jeans all day and am trying to get more into pants rather than jeans.

    Thank you!

  2. I really like this outfit and I think it looks good on you. The scarf of course is stunning and I love the fucshia thread you used to hem it, I think it sets the scarf off really nicely.

  3. Lovely 😉 I adore your scarf and (guilty secret) did exactly the same finish in black thread for my red & black & cream one so I could wear it the next day – I also promise to finish it ‘properly’ one day 😉 My fave tying is to fold it several times lengthwise & wear it as a long thin scarf, often tied once at my neck & dangling – I am partial to wearing them as a wrap as well.

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