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the new(ish) Vogue patterns

There have been a few round-ups on the web of people’s thoughts on the latest crop of Vogue patterns.  I am always rather fascinated to see which patterns people love, and which ones they dismiss.  I have come to the conclusion that most of us filter the patterns according to whether they fit with our own style aesthetic, body shape and lifestyle – which makes sense, of course!  These are the ones that I really like from the last lot (and they are often the ones that others have criticised).

Vogue 1396

There is usually something that I find to like in most of the DKNY patterns – especially the fact that there is often a little rectangle in Vogue’s “figure flattery” box!  This has room to play with interesting fabric combinations.  I’m also interested to see how it is constructed.  Don’t be surprised if this pattern somehow creeps its way into my collection at some stage.

Vogue 1401

When you look at the line drawing this is actually quite similar to the Tessuti Eva dress, that I have made twice before.  I like the sleeves and the relaxed shaping, as well as the detail on the front.  I think the instructions would be an enjoyable read, even if I didn’t actually make the dress!

Vogue 1390

This is the view that I prefer from this pattern, and it’s the only view that wasn’t photographed.  Those are lots of tucks on the front, I love the v-neckline, and the pattern has the potential for loads of interesting fabric combinations and fabric or colour blocking.  The overall shape is somewhat reminiscent of Vogue 8805, a pattern that I have now used four times.

Vogue 9005

I’m sure that I have seen this pattern bagged on a few other sewing blogs, but I really like it!  All three views!  It’s just the sort of thing that I would like to wear in summer.

Vogue 1395

It was actually the line drawing that interested me in this style.  I love the gathered details and the tie in the front.  It’s not quite the sort of thing that I usually wear but it has definite possibilities.

There are others that I appreciate, but these are the ones that I would consider purchasing for myself.  There are plenty of pretty dresses with fitted bodices and fuller skirts (whether gathered or flared or circle) and plenty of defined waists.  The most divine bias cut slip and matching robe.  Some wonderful uses of lace overlays, and dresses with seamlines that allow for plenty of fitting opportunities.

So basically, I have just presented to you the best of the new Vogue patterns from the perspective of a mid-forties, plump, short, works out of the home two days per week, Australian woman.


7 thoughts on “the new(ish) Vogue patterns

  1. It is interesting to see what people don’t like and what they do. But that is why we sew isn’t? We can make whatever it is we want and no one else will have the exact same thing. Looking forward to seeing what you design

  2. I like all the patterns you have chosen. What strikes me most though is that the styling for these photos is a lot less “high fashion” than what Vogue usually goes for, which makes them seem a lot more approachable and wearable for the likes of me!

  3. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who shied away from the fitted waist, full skirt dresses from this batch of patterns! It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that no matter how cute the dress, it will never alter the fact that I am a nearly 40 Canadian woman who works in a casual office – and who has no waist! 🙂

  4. I completely agree with you that people’s reactions to new patterns are so often influenced by what they generally like and would wear. I think the same thing is true in color and fabric. It’s a matter of taste. My figure type is definitely not yours but I really enjoy your makes and your discussion of what works for you.

  5. Hello. Thank you for your blog, I’m a long time lurker in awe of your knit sewing skills. And thank you for your round-up of what’s new. What amuses me most about new pattern releases is that I’ll see something I like, that will trigger a memory, I will flick through the 100s of patterns I own (spanning the 1940s to the late 2000s as I have Mum’s as well) and hey presto! I already have something similar and in some cases close to identical. Hence I haven’t bought a new Big 4 pattern for a long time. Of course when looking at all the lovely pictures I tend to forget that the fitted bodice full skirted frocks that I am so enamoured with are completely unsuitable to the majority of my life………….

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