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Lekala 5801 tunic

Yes, I definitely have more success with the Lekala patterns that are shown on “fuller figured” models.  Such as Lekala 5801.  The illustration:

And my version:

Lekala 5801 tunic

Okay, I’d better show it to you without a scarf obscuring the details! There are five pleats at the centre front, a roll collar, and bands finishing the hem and the raglan sleeves.

Lekala 5801 tunic

I’m not entirely happy with the collar, as it is rather floppy on. Somewhere between a band that is way too loose and doesn’t sit flat, and a cowl which isn’t wide enough to drape down or to fold in half. But it’s fine with the scarf!

Lekala 5801 tunic

I really like the fit through the body. Having the centre front pleats means that the front of the tunic is wider than the back, so it skims over my central bulk. Yet at the back it’s loose, but not too loose.  And raglan sleeves are SO easy.  Other than the front pleats and some minimal top-stitching, this dress was entirely constructed on the overlocker.

Lekala 5801 tunic

The fabric is a double layered knit that I found at Super Cheap Fabrics in Brunswick. My shopping companions also bought some – but I haven’t seen any finished garments blogged yet!  The top layer has holes in it, but it is attached to the grey underlayer.  I’ve been sewing in black/white/grey for myself quite a bit lately, even though I don’t think that they particularly suit me.  But they do make an excellent foil for a pop of colour elsewhere in my outfits!

Lekala 5801 tunic


13 thoughts on “Lekala 5801 tunic

  1. I like this on you and you look better than the model. If I may make one suggestion (and by no means am I right) it kind of looks like you’re wearing a dress with leggings. I wonder if it were shorter like the length the model is wearing if it would snap even more. Guess it depends on whether you want it for a top or a dress. Love the material combo and the fuchsia to go with it.

  2. Yes, I also assert that yours looks better than the illustration. I also like that you styled it with the raspberry scarf and leggings. I love the way that color combo looks with your red hair. Awesome!

  3. I made a top once with a floppy collar that I wasn’t happy with so I made a couple of folds on one side of the front (between the collar bone and centre front), and kept the folds in place with a brooch.

  4. You version is definitely nicer and fits well. With the collar pattern, I would you extend the collar for a more defined soft collar. Oh my. Now I have to bookmark this pattern. Thanks for pointing this pattern out!

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