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Figgy’s Seraphic Raglan

Clare has been growing!  Getting older, getting taller, and growing out of many of last winter’s clothes.  Not the width, but the length of the sleeves and the lengths of the hems.  So I made her a couple of new long-sleeved tees.  The first was the Figgy’s Seraphic Raglan.

Figgy's Seraphic Raglan Tee

This is a straightforward raglan tee with a small chest pocket. The sleeve seams are very nicely shaped, and I always appreciate the ease of sewing sleeves into raglan tops! I simplified the pocket even further from the pattern to make a straightforward patch pocket with a slightly curved bottom, and attached it to the tee with a simple zig zag in a contrasting thread.

Figgy's Seraphic Raglan Tee

I used the same thread and simple zig zag to secure the neck band after attaching it with the overlocker (all construction was done on the overlocker) and used the zig zag on all the hems as well. My machine skipped a few stitches while zig-zagging, which didn’t make me very happy – and it was even a new needle! It might be time for some machine maintenance again. Time to defluff everything and to get out the machine oil!

Figgy's Seraphic Raglan Tee

This is the size 8/9, with no alterations. The white knit was somewhere in stash, and the stripes were a beautiful quality knit remnant from one of Anna‘s projects. A very satisfying make.


3 thoughts on “Figgy’s Seraphic Raglan

  1. Very nicely done. Clare continues to grow up before our very eyes (they have a way of doing that, don’t they?), has such an intelligent, mature, self-assured look about her.
    I do really like a raglan top myself and it looks great on Clare, and very comfy. Wonder how long it will take her to outgrow?

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