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Vogue 8771 and StyleARC Fay

One of the joys of using a pattern that you have used in the past is that you know what alterations you would prefer to make, and you know how to construct it. Everything zips along so nicely!  I’ve been pondering what to make from the fabric left over from Lekala 5806 for some time.  Eventually I settled on patterns that I have used before – Vogue 8771 and the StyleARC Fay skirt.

Vogue 8771 top with StyleARC Fay skirt

There really isn’t anything subtle about this outfit! First to the top. Last time that I made Vogue 8771 I noted that the neckline was too open.  I fixed that this time by adding a neckband, cut from the same fabric.  When I top stitched it down I used the twin needle, aligning it so that one row of stitches was on the neckband and the other on the body of the garment.

Vogue 8771 top

The cuffs were cut with the hemline on the fold of the fabric, effectively cutting them double and eliminating the need for a hem at the wrist. Once again, I like the way that princess seams have been incorporated into the armhole seam, allowing for some shaping. I shortened the top through the body to allow for my lack of height. The lower curved hem was finished with the twin needle as well. I used different coloured threads in each needle – because I could! One is pink and the other is orange.

Vogue 8771 top with StyleARC Fay skirt

There isn’t a great deal to say about the StyelARC Fay skirt that I haven’t already said. Like the last time I made it, I folded out a large chunk of the pattern to make it a mini length. Side seams, elastic waist, done!

Vogue 8771 top with StyleARC Fay skirt

I won’t always pair this outfit with bright orange leggings, but I couldn’t resist this time. It might find itself toned down a little with more subdued leggings, boots and jacket. Or it might not.

Vogue 8771 top with StyleARC Fay skirt


7 thoughts on “Vogue 8771 and StyleARC Fay

  1. Please don’t wear it with subdued leggings, this outfit just wants to say, “Look at MOI!!!”. Love the fabric, is it another Tessutti buy? (I wish they were here in Perth, buying online just doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid).

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