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talented tween

When I picked Clare up from after school care on Wednesday she proudly showed me the drawing she had just completed.

Clare's drawing

I reckon that it’s absolutely fantastic! In metallic sharpies, about 20 cm square. I absolutely love it. Some friends suggested that I upload it to Spoonflower and order some fabric. Wouldn’t that be great – a garment made for Clare from fabric that she has designed?


25 thoughts on “talented tween

  1. Yes!!! Definitely do it. It really is lovely. I very nearly did the same a few months ago with one of my daughter’s pictures. I sadly missed the opportunity but am now on the constant lookout for another suitable picture that catches my eye so I can surprise them for a birthday or Christmas.

  2. Gorgeous! It reminds me of some of the Turkish china and tile designs. Traditionally they deliberately include a touch of asymmetry because only Allah is perfect. She has a future in design ahead of her. Great idea to get it printed!

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