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Lekala-along: the muslin on Ada

I thought that some of you might be interested in how the Lekala 4329 jacket muslin fits Ada, my dressform.  She is dialled out to the same bust, waist and hip measurements as me.  But although she is the same size, she is not quite the same shape.

Lekala jacket muslin

Lekala jacket muslin

It really highlights to me that to get fit right you need to know how your measurements are distributed. Ada also has a longer torso and slightly higher waist than I do – and obviously she doesn’t have arms to check bicep fit!  But the main issue for me is my protruding abdomen.  I need to pad Ada up a bit!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions on my fitting post, both here and on instagram/facebook. I think that overall Lekala have done a pretty good job for me – just a few tweaks to make. I’ll show you my pattern piece alterations once I’ve got around to making them.


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