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Lekala-along: I made a muslin

Now, don’t faint – but I made a muslin!  After reading Suzy’s account of how her Lekala #4329 jacket is progressing, and seeing her muslin(s), I decided that it might be worth my while to give one a go as well.  Would you like to see the photos?

Lekala jacket muslin

Lekala jacket muslin

Lekala jacket muslin

Unsurprisingly, my husband’s first comment upon seeing my muslin was “um, you haven’t finished it – you need another sleeve”.  For muslin purposes, I thought that one sleeve would be enough!  I love the two-piece sleeve, and am very happy with the way that it fits.  Sleeve length is also quite good.  The waist is pretty much where it should be, but I have what I now realise is my usual Lekala issue with my waist measurement being evenly distributed around the front and the back of the garment.  I will remove some of the waist ease from the back and add it to the front – a full abdomen adjustment (FAA instead of FBA).  I think its pretty good across the shoulders too.  Other comments and/or suggestions?  This pattern was ordered with increased upper arm width, narrow shoulders, and raised waist, in addition to my other measurements.

Lekala jacket muslin

Oh, what unflattering photos. Keeping it real.


10 thoughts on “Lekala-along: I made a muslin

  1. Your husband saying you hadn’t finished made me laugh. That just the sort of thing my partner would say: you missed a bit! This looks great. I’m struggling to understand what you mean by the sleeve being 2 pieces?

    1. Hi Oanh – rather than the sleeve being one piece with one underarm seam, it is in two pieces, with two seams each one a couple of inches away from what would be the middle of the underarm. It adds shaping that allows the sleeve to curve gently forward, more in tune with the way that your arm actually hangs from your body and at the elbow. Clear as mud? I’ll find some pictures tomorrow. I’ll try to include a fair bit of detail as I make this jacket. Regards, Lara

  2. Before I read about the two piece sleeve (yes I haven’t taped up the pattern yet!) I was thinking how lovely the fit is across your shoulders. And I do love Mr Thornberry’s, as always, constructive comment!!

  3. Hi L, a calico toile hey?! I’d personally like to cut the armhole a size smaller (I know it’s Lekala so it’s not that easy, but check out another pattern for guide) Can you see on the “unfinished” side, especially at the back you have fabric tucked under your arm? At the front you also have a line/fold coming from the underarm to the high chest. You could alter pattern on the other side, fit the sleeve and see what looks best….
    Can you pin a shoulder pad and sleeve roll in to see if that takes up much of this excess?
    Loving your hair at the moment btw 😉

  4. I’m not familiar with this pattern at all and am certainly no fit-expert but…….what struck me as odd was the side view of the bust and the drag lines under the bust on the front view. Does the pattern include any shaping at the bust. If not, maybe it’s worth considering adding some.

    PS. Looking forward to seeing your Pia!

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