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Three of my sewing buddies and I have decided to do our own little Lekala-along.  I thought that I’d mention it here in case there was anyone else interested in joining us and giving Lekala a try.  The pattern we have chosen is a jacket, #4329.


This pattern is currently on special for US$1.49 (less if you join up as a member) although I think this special finishes very soon.  The four of us making it are all quite different shapes and heights, making this an interesting exercise in testing the Lekala software, testing our own measurement taking abilities, and seeing if we all like the finished product!  All that we are up to at the moment is buying, printing, taping and cutting out the pattern pieces.   And thinking about fabrics.  We don’t have a schedule that is set in stone, other than aiming to get our jackets finished by mid-May.   I will blog the process a bit as I go.  Anyone else interested?


15 thoughts on “Lekala-along

  1. I had never heard of these patterns outside your blog so just had a look around their website. I don’t think I can fit it in but will watch with interest! They don’t take any upper bust or shoulder measurements which is where I have problems so I might try out something super simle first to check if their patterns are a good starting point for me.

  2. Mine’s in inbox too! I already love the descriptions when it comes to fabric: costume fabric and also Is stretchy: no. So my best guess is I am looking for a woven with lots of drape??!!

    1. Hi there Andrea – it would be great if you joined us! there are buttons that close it underneath the drape, then the drape sort of folds back and you can’t see the buttons. They do recommend the belt as well though, although I think it is possibly more for looks. I’m going to give a skinny belt a try with this one! Let me know if you want to join in and I’ll add you to my Lekala-along email list. Regards, Lara

      1. Count me in! I haven’t done the belted jacket before so it is out of my comfort zone. Perhaps it is time I lived a little more dangerously! I may even have just bought the perfect fabric!

  3. Me too, I’m in! I’ve made the free wrap top, which fitted well, except next time I’ll make it a little longer.
    I’ve a few other patterns downloaded and also bought and taped together the wrap top – 5618 – but the instructions have baffled me so I’ve not been brave enough to make it yet.

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