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reversible roller skate

The hot weather continues in Melbourne, although we are currently in the middle of a 48 hour respite period.  Hot weather requires cool clothes.  Viscose/rayon is one of my favourite fabrics for hot weather, and Clare really likes to wear it too.  So I made her a simple Oliver + S roller skate dress, in rayon.

Oliver + S Rollerskate dress size 8 for Clare

The roller skate dress is such a simple pattern, and it can be sewn in around an hour and a half, just in time to wear to church on a Sunday morning. Ask me how I know! It just consists of two dresses, an outer and a lining, an elastic casing around the empire waistline, and a button and loop closure at the back.

Oliver + S Rollerskate dress size 8 for Clare

If memory serves me correctly the floral rayon is an Amy Butler design, that I bought online from the USA. The reverse/lining side is a textured viscose gingham from Rathdowne fabrics. Because the lining is exactly the same as the dress, I chose to keep it the same length and hem the two skirts together to make the dress reversible.

Oliver + S Rollerskate dress size 8 for Clare - reversible!

See? Same dress, inside out! I’ve made a reversible version before for Stella (although Stella has decided that she doesn’t like hers, for some reason. Grrrr.) and Clare was very happy to choose two coordinating fabrics. I sewed this at size 8, and she’s happy with the fit. I think that we’ll see this dress quite a bit for the rest of the hot weather. Although I wonder which side she will favour?


7 thoughts on “reversible roller skate

  1. Such pretty fabric! And such a practical and lovely dress. I love that type of fabric for little girls clothes but it is so hard to find in pretty prints here. I’ve looked online before but baulked at the shipping costs to Australia, which is silly really, but I think I wasn’t ‘needing’ fabric last time I looked. But you’ve reminded me about those US shops that I will be checking out quick smart when I hit their shores!

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