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Vogue 8552 (again)

This dress was finished just before the end of Jungle January – despite the blog post not getting up until February!  I have really enjoyed watching all the Jungle January makes pop up this month, and have been led to many interesting new-to-me blogs.  Thanks so much Anne of Pretty Grievances for not only getting the ball rolling but speeding it up!

Vogue 8552 in leopard printed metallic coated linen.

Oh Vogue 8552, you are such a great pattern! However, I think that you may have recently gone out of print. I cut this at size 12 around the neck and arms, but cut the side seams at size 14 and used narrow side seams.  I also shortened it in two places above and below the waistline and lowered the armhole around a centimetre, which has made it much more comfortable than my previous version.

Vogue 8552 in leopard printed metallic coated linen.

Since this was my second go at the pattern, I also knew that I needed to take a wedge out of the centre back neckline. Because of this I cut the back pieces separately, even though I intended to leave out the zipper. The centre back seam allowed me to curve in a bit at the upper back to the neckline and eliminate gaping, and I can still wriggle into the dress.  I left the front neckline alone. When going through reviews of this pattern many people mentioned that they found the instructions for the back tucks confusing. I found them okay, and like the small amount of shaping that they give to what is otherwise a sack dress. Although I always like a sack!

Vogue 8552 in leopard printed metallic coated linen.

And oh, those pockets! Those wonderful, massive, sticky-outy pockets! I really love them, they are so much fun and are in just the right position for my hands. Not that I’ll put anything other than my hands into them. This photo also highlights just how much linen creases. My husband said “gee, there are lots of creases in that dress” – and I had only ironed it minutes before these photos were taken!

Vogue 8552 in leopard printed metallic coated linen.

The neckline tucks were fairly straightforward. I did use the facing, as per the instructions, but didn’t interface it at all. I knew that it would have to be manipulated to make the tucks, and with a fabric like this I thought that leaving the interfacing out would be fine. And it was.

Vogue 8552 in leopard printed metallic coated linen.

The fabric is linen, with a metallic leopard print over it. Very unusual! I found it at Darn Cheap Fabrics a little while ago, and originally planned to make a jacket from it. Clearly I changed my mind.  It has worn very well in the heat today – yes, there are lots of the wrinkles that you would expect from linen, but also that comfortable slouchy give and cool feel to it. I think that I’ll use this pattern again.


13 thoughts on “Vogue 8552 (again)

  1. I love this pattern! Ironically I have been searching for a pattern just like this to make a top that I had seen on someone! Too bad it is out if print. Nice fabric choice as well. I love linen.

  2. Looks great Lara! I really love this pattern – I had been searching for it for ages with no result, but just last week a lovely reader of mine has offered to send me a copy she doesn’t want! So I am now looking forward to making one too – it is great to hear about the changes you made.

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